So I didn’t really eat out much so I decide to post instead the awesome snacks I did have instead!

I bought some Takoyaki chips to share with my friend (Alo there!)! And it was quite interesting… LOL

It was one of those things you want to try and though it wasn’t bad I’m probably not ever going to buy it again LOL!



So the packaging was a total troll LOL it was a decent sized package on the outside but inside contained two smaller bags, one with the chips the other with the seasoning. You had to open both, dump the contents into the larger bag and shake. The product? The chips filled about 1/3 of the bag LOL. But yes the chips themselves was nice and crunchy, but I didn’t really like the seasoning.

Next up…Delicje! A polish snack, raspberry flavored in this case.

Needless to say it was delicious! LOL

I really like it.





Thanks for reading till the end ^_^

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