Korean food and a drink?!

So yesterday I had met up with a friend, girl (YAY!).

We decided to try a new Korean place on Dundas called ‘Kimchi Korea House’.

Also huge plus, they had wifi! Huzzah!

I had wanted to order Soju but unfortunately their liqueur license hadn’t gone thru yet, poop. But the waiter informed us that they were getting it soon!

For an appetizer we had ordered Takoyaki, octopus balls, at $7.50 they were kind of pricey and a bit disappointing because they were the frozen stuff. I could’ve bought a bag of frozen Takoyaki in Boston for $10 so yeah that was disappointing.


But fortunately the Kimchi Chigae(stew) made up for my disappointments, because it was legitimately DELICIOUS. I believe it was about $9. If anything I would recommend you go there just for that! It was much better than the kimchi Chigae I had gotten Korea House on Bloor in K-town!

It was still bubbling when the waiter had brought it to me!

The rice was also very nice and fluffy, great rice texture! 😀


My friend had gotten the kimchi pancake which was nice and crispy! But we both agreed that the kimchi Chigae was the bomb.


Also the meal came with a complimentary salad, and of course bon chon!
Yum, I loved the pickled radish!


Overall a decent meal!

After we walked a bit further down to ‘Jack Astor’s’ to get a drink and dessert!

It was a bit exciting to use my legal status in Toronto for the first time as they had ‘carded’ me but I was a bit sketch and gave them my passport LOL. My Ontario photo ID hasn’t come in yet.

But I had ordered a beautiful ‘Blue Raspberry Lemonade’ and I had it ‘jacked up’ with an extra shot and it was still delicious! I barely tasted the alcohol, it was nice and light!

And we had also gotten a Red Velvet cake which was AMAZINNGGG.


This is how much I enjoyed the kimchi chigae! 🙂


Kim Moon, back in Toronto

Well today was a bit of a full day for food, but I’m back in Toronto again!

Sorry for the lack of posts LOL (yesterday?) I’ve been trying to do daily posts but mehhh!

October! Which means pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks!

Anyways for lunch today I had a rice + pork + ginger dish made by ‘Kim Moon’ it’s a bakery in the front and in the back it’s a mini restaurant? It also serves all day dim sum, but the dim sum is nasty there in comparison to the other places you can get it nearby! But the rice is decent!


Also I’ve been bored lately? Anything interesting to read on the web lately? Blogs? BOOKS? I’m reading Harry Potter in French! LOL

Parlez vous français? 😉