Did that get your attention? Hahaha well while I’m waiting for my new camera to decrease in price,  I’ll update this blog with more priority! Yes I do know what that word means. Don’t judge me!

Hahahaha, so yeah David’s here! All that means is late nights, uncomfortable sofa, and weight gain. Oh yeah with a sprinkle of happiness. 🙂

So yeah Excited for Turkey Day, how about you guys? I know I am, feasting, eating, and eating. Oh did I mention eating? OH ANY SHOPPING. OK I know for like all the male readers I have “shopping” is only a sport in which women like to use their time to run a round a mall, but it’s more than that it’s the time of year I can buy cheap accessories for my gadgets! ❤ ❤ ❤

I did buy a laptop bag though, on saturday! 🙂 I bought a fossil key-per bag (hahaha do you get the pun? it’s so punny)

yeah but to my male readers, neil, mark and bryan I like to shop for accessories XD 


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