Diet, dieting and barbeque chicken

Although I’ve been doing my hula hooping diet, and I’ve been noticing some minor fat in my belly disappearing, I think I’m killing my diet by eating unhealthy LOL for example, 3 cream puffs and barbeque chicken with rice for dinner. XD

It’s so hard to eat healthily it’s like killing me. Haahahaha, but yeah I’ve been doing 3 10 minute sessions of hula hooping for 3 days straight and I’m seeing results! (huzzah) This is just for reference for shilpapapapapa for when she needs to hula hoop to lose her “belly fat” and for sari ❤

But today was a average day, I started and finished a pretty good book, hehehe so I’m happy, but I read like 3 hours worth of manga so that killed all nonmanga reading time anyways. Today was also a day for me just to relaxxxx and eat ramen!

Well till tomorrow or the day after when I decided to write, toodle-loo!?


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