Let’s do this shit.

Okay I’m going to post pictures of what I wear daily from now on! Minus today, since I’m already in my nighty READY to brace the night fall (it’s 8:17PM so it’s still light outside).

I suck at doing blogs ❤ maybe I should just vlog it? Only if I’m really bored of life.

So today, I hosed stas down, that was fun!

I also ate pizza (stas cooked).

I also watch the 6th HP movie, HP and the Half Blood Prince. (With stas)

As you can tell my life is stas right now TEEHEE ˜.˜


2 thoughts on “Let’s do this shit.

    • LOLOLOLOL well that was a special event with pictures but it wasn’t the most flattering of all pictures, but good news I set up on my iphone calendar to rape my eardrums everyday at 9pm so I have to post daily! 😀


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