Grad Party number 123918029831

Yeah I feel like I’ve been to that many, however this grad party was awesome due to its PANEERRRRRRRRRR OMG SO GOOD SO GOOD!!!!

Paneer is like indian dish featuring soft cheese, that isn’t like the salty european/normal cheese you think of. BUT TOFU LIKE CHEESE!

It’s absolutely fabulous!

I got to take some home for dinner too! 😀

And although that was one of the best parts of the day, another awesome thing happened, I DIDNT GET SKIN RAPED BY MOSQUITOS! MOSQUITO REPELLANT WORKS! OH MY BUDDHA!

Also one more week till boston!

So to prepare my mom bought me panties, shoes (clarks sandals, yay!) and socks!!!!!


Anyways here’s a picture of me and one of the graduates!


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