Still in Boston!

So here, I’m going to write a legitimate post for those who want it. Well today I had a pretty rad(ical) experience as I woke up and had a minor freakout as my mom told me to go find plane/train tickets because she couldn’t pick me up! I had to freak out and quickly wake up, brush my teeth, and then look online for 15 minutes to see who much it would be! I only had like 15 minutes to really look though, since I had to go to the museum of science today! Which was epiccccc! I loved it, the Muga Omni Theater was quite and experience, it was quite lovely, we watched the coral reef show, and I loved it, I’m beginning to think if I wasn’t in engineer I’d definitely be a film major. I loved how watching the film made me feel, it was quite glorious, how the world is a small place in which we all had to protect. And then of course I watched the live birth and EW EW EW EW EW never going to get pregnant or have kids it seems like a very messy and stressful period in a woman’s life I don’t want to experience!
After that I back to BU campus and ate at west, it was pretty good, chinese stir-fry and OMG lobster night is on my bday!!!! YAYYYYY so excited for it!

And then now I’m writing my research proposal to my PROSTAR experience, woot woot stats, my piece will be on electric/hybrid cars and why they really haven’t lifted up in the commercial market. It should be quite a boring paper, but I’m excited I loved the electric cars, EVO CAR FTW! 😀


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