Last night in Buffalo..

For some odd reason I’m feeling overly anxious and excited to be going back to college, I mean yes I did go to the BU summer bridge program, but going back this time is FOR REAL, no 17 person group filled with anxious young kids, but this time thousands of freshmen, ready to take BU by storm will be there.

And I have to say I’m a bit scared and excited, excited for my new life but at the same time scared for it. I hope I don’t change much as a person I like being a Doris – so hopefully I’ll stay the same!

I’m also anxious to meet new people – MY ROOMMATES!!!!!! So excited to go meet them tomorrow, I also have some worries on the back burner, as I left some stuff with the bu bridge pals (thank you andrew and iyana if you ever read this post, I forever love you! )!

Another worry is what if I don’t meet any friends – but that worry is just me being stupid, so hopefully all goes well, I think another reason why I’m anxious is because I’m going alone this time to boston. That fact by itself is a little daunting but hopefully it’ll be okay!

I hope to blog and Danielsen Hall during my stay at BU because as a freshy going into a not so well known dorm it was FLIPPING hard to get any info on the dorm, so hopefully my blog will enlighten future freshies going to BU and then not being put in warren/west/major freshmen dorm.

But hopefully my experience will still be the same – or greater than those who go to a major dorm, who knows maybe I’ll like my smaller dorm that happens to be 15 minutes away from central campus… (probably not, but I’ll be BFFs with the BUS! ) and newbury st.!!! ❤ Shopping ftw!

Lastly my worry is about my finger painting skills as I can officially only do one hand and my toe nails, hopefully I’ll improve.

P.S note to sell BUY YOUR TEXTBOOKS.


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