Week 1 Boston

First week at Boston university and it has been pretty eventful so I footed should list the things I’ve done so far!

1. Moved into Danielsen Hall, or in the words of Jeff, Narnia. It’s literally the east end of Boston university, I have no idea why I was put there but a few things you should know about the dorm;
The view can be a hit or miss, other buildings v. Boston skyline v. Charles river
It’s next to a ka-jillion MIT frats, yeah we’re so far that MIT frat surround us!

The nearest place to eat is at Myles standish hall, but it ends with my freshmen year as they’re building a new building with eventually the biggest dining hall at BU!

The rooms are maze like but very nice!

I’m in a fairly large triple! With a walk in closet and everything, so it’s pretty satisfactory!

What I did this week:

Used my unlimited meal plan to it’s fullest!

Pros: just go in get coffee, fruits, or snacks at any time in ANY dining hall!

Cons: about $400 less dining points (to be used at the gsu) but I dot live close to central campus anyways!!

Went to two frat parties and what I’ve learned is;

MIT frats are dry for the first two weeks, but still VERY fun they have good atmosphere and music! Dancing was fun!

BU’s Asian frat party is the polar opposite, themed parties. Girls get in free before some time and guys have to pay $5.
It was just drinking, and the music an atmosphere sucked! The music literally came from a MacBook pro! And it was in a basement!

Chocolate city is AMAZING, $10 to get in and you should definitely go, I haven’t personally gone yet but I hope to soon!


Chem101, try to get prof. Abrams, I’m going to two chem lectures at this pout my normal one and then his! He’s an awesome professor and you understand him!

Math123, borinngggggg I should’ve taken that offer to go into calc2 but hopefully now I get a high GPA

Writing100 definitely get professor Campbell!!! She’s amazing and a very interest teacher! She teaches king Arthur!

EK100 engineering, definitely go to them! Loads of free food! Nom nom nom….even with unlimited food plan I still love it!

Best dining halls:

First: west

Second/ third are Myles and Warren!

Also for jobs:

Don’t work at a dining hall, it sucks I quit after the first day!!! Hahaha!

But good news I actually got the monitor position at Ingalls which is an engineering study lounge! Looking forward to it!

Well hope to type a blog periodically! Hope you guys enjoyed!


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