Boston Update

Alright, first off this blog might be a tad longer than usual for a few reason;

To list a few:

1. I’m at work and bored

2. I haven’t updated in a while

3. quite insulted ^

Let’s continue  the life of a freshmen female in BME living in Danielsen Hall, and going to Boston University.

Beginning with classes of course.

Chem101, I’m being raped in, I gotta study more enough said.

MA123 surprisingly I don’t have a A, have to actually study related rates.

WR100 with Professor Campbell is still awesome!

EK132 is MUCH better, taking wireless networking with linux! (excited nerd!)

and EK100 groups is just me talking to Jasmine and that’s that.

Next up, Work:

Work as an Ingalls monitor is mostly awesome, as you can tell right now, I have free time. A lot of free time apparently, enough to write a blog in fact!

I usually just do homework but today I feel a tad lazy and my hair looks good thus, I blog it on!

Alright so as a ingalls monitor, I clean, monitor, and surf the web, and sometimes camho.

For example:

Next would be Dorm life!

Danielsen Hall as some have come to truly believe is Narnia however like Narnia, after a lot of walking it’s a beautiful dorm after all, I’ll upload a full room picture later when I clean, but here are a few pictures, including the marvelous windows!

Third we have party life:

1. MIT frats are still fun, unless you’re literally the only sober person in the room. And remember to bring friends you’ll have fun with! They’ll make the night much better, and safety in numbers, also if you’re in a large female group they’ll let you in, remember the female to male ratio!

2. Dont’ binge drink.

3. Don’t lose your iphone (I did).

4. Have fun and be safe!


Okay so this blog was meant to be a food blog anyways, so let us begin!!! FOOD!

LOBSTER NIGHT ON MY BDAY! FREE ISH LOBSTER ( I mean I paid for the meal plan anyways…)

Okay these next few photos weren’t taken in boston HOWEVER they were in NYC…so like 4 hours away dude….!


Next would be the rest of the boston food ISH I’ve eaten since I’ve gotten here! 😀

Okay so the last two pictures were from Rockbottom, which is like right next to Tufts which is right next to Chinatown!

Picture with me and the menu!

And This concludes my long ass Blog. I’m going to just post like every saturday instead? ❤


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