Greyhound bus, no one knows what’s happening.

Wow, my trip experience so far with Greyhound bus is TERRIBLE.

And it has only been an hour so far.

With my understanding of my purchased ticket stating ‘one way’ I had assumed wrongly that I would be on one bus from Utica, NY to the Buffalo intl airport with stops at Syracuse and Rochester to drop and pick up other customers .

But boy was I wrong, the moment our greyhound bus arrived at Syracuse we were told to get off. I was told that to go to buffalo that I was to get onto bus 1. However as I asked the driver of bus 1 if the bus was to stop at buffalo airport he said his bus did not in fact stop there.

To that I went inside to ask the Greyhound bus corner to ask exactly which bus I was to get onto, to which they replied bus one, and to that I had told them what occurred above.

Other customers lined up with me to ask the same question, ‘which bus were they to take?’.

The whole scene was a mess, I felt like no one had a true real grasp of what was happening.

Not only were they confused but so was I. It took a few minutes but then they told me to get onto bus 2, to which I was going to get off at Rochester and SWITCH buses yet again!

But that’s not even the biggest problem right now, I’m currently on bus two with NO DRIVER? I’ve been in Syracuse now for 50 minutes, with the ticket stating the bus would leave at 3:00, it’s 3:30 now.

I can only hope that once I reach Rochester I’ll be able to get to the Buffalo airport eventually.
Needless to say I’m never going to use Greyhound bus services again.




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