First Date in Niagara Falls Canada

Wow, it has been a while! Though no one really reads my blog I figured maybe I should update it for myself. Sometimes I like to browse through all the yummy things I had before.

***warning lots of love***

So I spent the weekend with my boyfriend (ahhh the same guy who was mentioned in my last post, hehe) in Niagara Falls and during that time we had some amazing meals together.

Let’s start off with dinner. 🙂 

For dinner we went to AG. Atmosphere : Romantic 

I had the “Fork to Field” menu which consisted of an appetizer, entree and dessert! 


This was the duck….I regret not taking a picture of the menu (haha I feel so silly now about how nervous I was about our first date, ah first dinner together 🙂 ❤ ) I found this dish to be a bit dry but it was still really good. 



My entree was a lamb dish. Okay if anything I can vouch that it tasted great. The lamb was juicy, tender, and cooked to perfection. Seriously it was perfect. I would eat this again in a heartbeat. 10/10. And it had a piece a cornbread (located in the back of the picture) which was hot to my surprise, but I’m not fond of dry foods, still tasty though.

But like always best for last was the DESSERT. THE. TIRAMISU. WAS. AMAZING. I wish I could convey how amazing it was, how it was literally dessert perfection but I can’t. 



I can’t believe I didn’t think I would want dessert because I was so stuffed at the end on the meal. But the tiramisu was perfection. And that’s all I want to say about it.  

In the end AG will always have a spot in my heart because of who I had the dinner with. But the food was fantastic and I would definitely go back there again.  ❤ 


Next would be the lunch at Taki, a authentic Japanese restaurant. Yummy. The Japanese decor was super cute, we had a cute private booth together.

 For starters we got the Gyoza which was featured in the Tapas menu runs till February I believe. I was so hungry……so you get to see a picture of one of them. 


I got the Taki lunch meal with the grilled mackerel, it came with miso soup and salad (not shown) and also deep fried tofu.




First off I want to say that this was the biggest unexpected meal ever, seriously I didn’t think the portions would be so huge. Eyes bigger than the mouth whaaaa.

The grilled mackerel was great, all the grilled fish awesomeness that I had expected (and wanted). The surprising part came from the potato salad pictured on upper right hand corner, the spicy mayo complimented the potato salad well. I need to figure out how to make spicy mayo.

Note to self- youtube spicy mayo.

The tofu was a bit plain but oh well, I was there for the fish anyways.


I came to the lunch starving, and left ready to roll around and succumb to my food coma. Overall a really great lunch, but you know it was really who I ate with that made it great. 


His dinner at AG which was the rabbit, new to the menu! And his appetizer!




His sushi!



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