GEO Bella Brown Circle Lens

Woo today I’ll be reviewing my first pair of circle lenses which is one of the more popular circle lenses available.

I purchased mine from From the recommendation of fellow BBlogger and BNTgirl Kim (you can read more of her on her own blog here).

Though I’ve really enjoyed the circle lenses themselves I think the best part of the lenses were the freebies I got!

As the title reads I got the GEO Bella Brown circle lenses which have;

  • 14mm diameter
  • 38% water content
  • 8.6 base curve
  • 1 year life span


I’ve had them for about a year now, and I’ve worn them out quite a bit (clubbing, dinner etc) and I always get compliments on them.


I feel like I may have gotten bit too wide lenses, but they also enhance the doe-eyed look effect. So it’s not too terribly bad, but still look cute/alien like.


They feel really comfortable on too, I think the longest I’ve worn them was for about 8 hours straight and they didn’t dry out my eyes! So 10/10 for comfort.


The color matched my iris as well as I have light brown eyes so people didn’t notice too much of a difference and that’s what matters the most, just cuter eyes. 10/10 color.

Overall I think if you’re looking for a cute/aegyo eye look I’d definitely recommend them. I can’t wait to try more circle lenses! I’d rate these a 10/10. They did what I wanted to do and more, I’ve really enjoyed having these for a year!

If you’re looking for circle lenses I’d recommend you get them at LoveShoppingHolics! It was fast shipping + awesome freebies!

Bises, Doris




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