BNTgirls Review:FORENCOS’ GREEK Mythology MASK SERIES (part 2)

Bonjour, today I’ll be telling you which are my two favorites from the 7 different masks featured in the forencos Face Mask.

And they are….dun dun dun! The caviar and the tea tree one!

photo_2015-07-12_17-13-43 photo_2015-07-12_17-13-57

Out the two the tea tree one is hands down my favorite, so much so I may just go ahead and buy some more for myself.

During my travels, my friends and I chose planes over trains, and unfortunately chose a lot of early morning flights. But never fear, face masks appear.

So here I am on these European flights to huge cities at 7am with a face mask on, and I will never do anything less. Yes some people stare and yes, of course, my friends judge me.

But who cares, I come off the plane refreshed, face NOT drier than the Sahara desert and I feel great. Plus, I still feel like the masks, even thought they envelop your face completely, makes the air cooler and more breathable to the face.

photo_2015-07-12_17-13-43 photo_2015-07-12_17-13-41

I like the Tea Tree one because I found that it helps with the overall condition of my face the most.

Likewise I chose the caviar one as a second place because the thirst on my face feels like it’s been quenched after I wear it!

Like the Tea Tree one, the caviar one is perfect for travels. But in a slightly different way, for the caviar one, I used it after a long hot day in Brussels and it completely rehydrated my face in 30 minutes!

photo_2015-07-12_17-13-55 photo_2015-07-12_17-13-52

It’s perfect for those hot, dry summers which seem like they just suck the moisture from my face. It just a nice evening piece, perfect for relaxation.

10/10 for the masks I chose.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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