Nothing gets me in the world like good eyebrow products.

So today I’m pretty excited to review; BEIGE CHUU HARD FINISH EYE BROW.

I always wanted to try the shisedo one, but I never got the chance after Anastasia brow wiz changed the world, and then the promade gel.

I got the shade dark brown.

It’s a hard brow product so it abheres to the oils on your face so it’ll last all day and night, and perhaps forever. That’s awesome. 

While testing it for the month, some days I was so impressed with the longevity in Californian heat that I just took a picture of my brows. WHEN I WAS DRUNK.

YEAH! I liked it that much.

It’s a fantastic brow product if you want to insure you’ll still have brows after crazy water rides in Universal Studios Hollywood, or anything. I think I truly tested it in California.

It totally rised above any challenges I threw at it. My brows lasted 16+ hours and it never smudged off.

Sometimes I have issues with the Anastasia products where water will melt it off my face. But BEIGE’s hard brow pencil definitely stuck on.

Totally awesome.

Light application.

Harder application with a full face (surviving weather in Atlanta, Georgia):

You can apply as much or as little as you want. I love that you can control how much you use.

It’s a fantastic brow product that I’ll definitely use up until it stubs out.

Can’t wait to finish it.

Rating this a 10/10. It’s a keeper, it’s very portable and very easy to use.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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