Glasses review! Non-food essential! @coastaldotcom

In an attempt of a non food review I’ll review the Derek Cardigan 7014 blackfade glasses I got last week.

To preface I’ve been trying to replace my back up frames since I had lost my backup in a dark theater a month ago!

I was considering Warby Parker, but one day I stumbled upon Coastal’s promoted ad on reddit! With the lines FIRST PAIR FREE, I knew I had to try.

And after using them I have found myself kinda half in love!

Not to say that they’re not wonderful at all but they’re kind of big on me! My flat nose is killing me XD


BUT they were a great steal as they were FREE!

In the end I paid ~$40 shipping and handling fee, insurance(?) and I wanted my glasses coated in the extras! Totally worth it in my mind.

They came in about a week later and here are some pictures.



They came with a glasses case and a small glasses kit!

I love them. I change my mind, they’re wonderful at $40 especially since I paid ~$300 for my last pair!

In the end I’d recommend anyone really to try a pair from! I’ve already convinced a few fb friends to! And they love it!

I think I know where I’ll be ordering frames from now on from. 🙂

Thank you Coastal!