Boston update!

Yup, I’m actually updating!

However briefly I believe I should do this before I literally die, from exhaustion and effing chemistry, we’re in a love/hate relationship, she gives me sleepless nights and in the morning even after she abuses me I still think of her. And when I finally understand her I smile, she’s my personal mystery. Pft.

But seriously I’m getting raped by chemistry, it’s mind fuckery. But I think it’s mostly me just being a retard and falling asleep.

But onwards with the blog post, like I promised last time I’m uploading photos on my room! Just a hint my side of the room is where the blue sheets are! Duh, my favorite color is blue! But it’s beautiful!
So that’s my room!

And I’ve been having a week of meeting of famous people,

The director of Harold and Kumar 3:

New heights!

Clara C!