Over 1000 views! And Korean food!

YAYYYY thank you to all my readers! I’ve finally reach 1000 views!

I’m going to give myself a pat on the back and virtually give you all a high five! *high five*


That was just proof. XD

So onto the Korean food!

I went to the Owl of Minerva, I went to the branch located in dragon city centre!

I ordered the Gom Tang, or beef bone soup!


And I really like the Bon chon that came with the soup!!! Mmm side dishes, yum.


I was a bit tempted to try the Soju, but at $15 CAD I didn’t think it was worth drinking alone. LOL

Unfortunately I was a bit disappointed with the Gom Tang itself. It was a bit bland and I had to put a lot of salt into it to even have a bit of taste. But I really like the Gamja Tang there, so next time I’m there I’ll get that. XD

Thanks for reading! 🙂