BNTgirl x MAXCLINIC Meso Change Program

Skin needling, it’s a thing. But should it be? 💉

I got the Meso Change Program from MAXCLINIC, it suddenly it sounded safer for my skin. 

They’re a high end brand, they’ve probably figured it out better than I have.

Those who aren’t aware of skin needling, it’s basically sanitized mini needles low key puncturing your skin to get that good stuff (serums) in there.

Still, I’m not too fond of jabby jabby needles near my face honestly. 

But I had to try it. For science! 

Inside came 4 serums and also 4 needle packs. The whole process is super sanitary with everything having its own individual packaging.

But instead of needles, they made the roller portion a dissolving Hyaluronic acid accpunture needles. 😱

 So the more serum you put into you face before rolling the faster it dissolves. So yes, they are use once only, but you get 4 in a set!

Let’s try it out.

Bare faced.

Serum on.

Put the roller on.

Now roll it into your skin till it completely dissolves! 

After that you dispose of the roller back into its container and trash it.

I used it after a camping excursion during my spring break, and my skin was superrrrr dry. Definitely did it’s magic.

Now would I recommend it? Yes definitely, if you have some spare change, around $150 worth of random money.

But realistically not everyone has that money to drop, so I’d use it maybe before important skin dates, like a wedding or a big party for some extra ompf. Definitely too ballin’ for a everyday use.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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