So today started off fairly good, chow mein for breakfast while watching the lastest bones episode was awesome! Then I was off to mark chee’s house to study/play clue! I studied for a hour, got bored, ate his ice cream and then waited for Neil and Shilpa to come! Once they arrived we totally procrastinated XD

We waited for pizza and then played clue! And then everyone was off (btw mark chee did win, neil almost won, and I had the right person/murder weapon but not place 😦 )

Then I went to shop! I bought a nice top from express ❤

Then I procrastinated some more and at 8 I started taking practice exams for the SAT 2s on sparknotes and since it’s harder than the real exam people usually get 100+ on what they score on sparknotes so with the weighted curve I’d get a 690 on US and a 550 on chem WOOT

especially that chem part LOL Time to learn matrices!


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