I just wanted a interesting intro for this blog to catch your attention! :] I bet it worked for like two seconds!

Anyways today is going to be me thinking the world is unjust and the trebuchet is soooo cooolll ❤ <- that’s a heart

So today I started off with SWEET POTATO PIE AS A BREAKFAST! YUMP (yum + yes = yump)

then I went to econ, finished my physics hwk 3rd, SAW BRYAN HE AT GOV! :]

Then I went to EDD where I ate my pringles, which was amazing since I was starved…and talking about starved I need to check what’s in my cupboard that’s edible after this post so I can eat it tomorrow after school! Since I stay afterschool till 5-7PM nowadays for tech club, and I swear it’s not only for the pizza. Tech club is actually pretty fun, and I’m quite enjoying it even though there’s a biased hate against me in there LOL!

So I won’t continue my schedule as the blog readers already know it probably :] but today overall was a good day.

p.s webcammed with david ❤



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