Today was also a semi lazy day, I napped and ate and also went to stas’s house to nap some more! Anyways today was a fairly lazy day, although I did help stas freeze and pack his blueberries but other than that it was normal, absolutely and completely lazy!

It was awesome, so today I ate chicken, beans, and raisin bread at stas’s and vanilla yogurt and some blueberries that went AWOL!

But what is interesting is Ying gave me a poster! It’s like a samurai dude, I’m totally hanging it up in my college dorm BUT NOW WE’LL NEVER BE EVEN BECAUSE IT TAKES SO LONG TO DO SOME SERIOUS ART! 😥

For dinner I had steak + rice + veges!

And then I read some manga, took a a shower and now here I am!

But what made me seriouslllyyyyyyy mad today was the fact I didn’t get anything from myhabit! UGH TOMORROW! 😀


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