That’s how today was, when I first started riding my bike to stas’s it was sunny then a heavy downpour started so I had to quickly free underneath the protection of some trees! Actually it was two trees parallel to each other so I had maximum protection!

But that’s not even the funny part so, from the next house over from the trees was a little girl riding on her bike around her parking lot, but instead of going to the shade of her garage she stood out in the rain and continued cycling and staring at me! It was quite cute since she was utterly soaked (poor girl!) but she was absolutely adorable, we said hi to each other once the rain had passed!

Also while riding to stas’s house and down my hill I abruptly stopped to answer my phone and bruised myself! 😥

But when I got there we cooked ramen so it’s all good! Nom nom nom…love ramen, excited for the college life of ramen! xD

And then I was free to read on stas’s bed! Woot woot, he actually left me alone! Hahahaha so I finished my book came down, stole a raisin bread, and began a game of LIFE, I had a $100,000 pay day and I was an athlete it was QUITE awesome, but I had to leave prematurely before I had finished the game!

Then I went home, ate dinner and went to read manga (which I’m still doing…) ❤


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