I’m in Boston!!!

I’m in boston!!! The car ride made me nauseated probably the after affects of yesterday’s wild weird day. I’ll give you an short version of what I did I went skating, had bubble tea and then went on the kiddy ride you find on all parks where they spin you around and around! I almost threw up! And then after I went to neils house and had a small:dead bonfire with s’mores!!!! And then we watch contact, it was a pretty good film but kind of random and stuff! With the crazy Jesus dude and the random one night stand and all! But it was a good last day in buffalo!!

Right now I’m writing on my iPhone so it might be a little weird! I’ll edit this post when I finally arrive in my hotel! I’m staying at staybridge and omg it’s so nice! With a kitchen and everything! I love it!

I also bought a lot of goodies at the Asian market including strawberry flavored hi-chew candy, a bottle of aloe and some strawberry candy for stas!

But Boston is awesome and I’m finally realizing the extent of what it means to be 18, a lot of guys in their 20s have been staring at me….turtles….

But hopefully tomorrow during my first day of the BU summer bridge program will be more positive and fun! Good thing I brought my raincoat!



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