3 days left!

Oh my, time has been speeding through this week, as opposed to when I’m in school when it movessss sooooo slowwwlyyyyyy!

Today was awesome because I went to the Cheesecake Factory and had a delicious nacho thing with an spinach artichoke dip for the appetizer, but the only bad thing about it was that we were legitimately staring at it for almost like 30-45mins because our entrees came VERY late, so late the manager of the establishment came over to apologize! However I didn’t really notice since I kept good company!

Then the entrees came! I got a pasta carbonara it was DELICIOUSSSSSSS it deserved the caps it was that good, but I was already mostly full from the large appetizer so I ended up having to box it (it made a very delicious dinner!)

But what I love about the cheesecake factory is the bread they give for free, I love the chocolate one! It’s soooooo good! 😀

After that we shopped (oh and by we I mean shilpa, cindy and I) I HAD FEMALE FRIENDS OMG IT WAS EXCELLENT!!!!! I love having female friends to hang out with!

First we went to F21 since shilpa had a gift card, I didn’t buy anything but shilpa definitely did! And then we went to Teavanna (I love the free samples, especially the samurai chai, soooooooo good!) and then we made an epic pitstop at Lord and Taylor, I absolutely loved the place! Especially since I got a 25% sale/clearance texted to me this week! I bought two shirts after debating a while, I kind of want to go back and buy a shirt I left behind…but oh wells! I’m trying to limit my shopping BUT I did get a FABULOUS calvin klein shirt! And a casual vneck! 😉

I also got a pair of panties there. Just so you guys know….!

After that we went to Teavanna a two more times ( I know I’m a horrible person, I’ll buy their tea someday!).

After that we went to Aerie and saw the push up bra that boosts your bra size two cups and WOW did it have stuffing, tho I’m fairly tempted to buy it since I’m pretty much a stereotypical flat asian girl.

Then we went home! And said our goodbyes for now, since I’m leaving for college in 3 days, but it’s only for now! We’ll see each other during thanksgiving! 🙂

And now I’m here! Typing this to you, today was a good old long read, I hope you enjoyed!


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