Snacks, foreign?

So since my other “snacks” post was so popular I decided to upload another batch of my recent snacking!

First off is the tonkotsu ramen I got from the Asian market nearby because I was hungry! Plus they looked interesting, I love me some ramen, packaged or legit.


Inside had two packages and the noodle. The bigger packaged contained the dry sauce, the smaller contained oil which you poured and mixed after the ramen was done.

Three minutes later…TADA!


I really enjoyed the tonkotsu ramen, but at $1.99 it was a little pricey compared to the other ramens available. Still quite a yummy snack!

Next up, papaya!
Yay tropical fruit in cold weather at 10C there’s nothing better than pretending its warm and eating like it is! xD


And to prove my healthy streak I also drank a fruit blend! I thought the packaging was adorable, so…I purchased it. XD


I feel weak against my food desires or maybe it’s just me being whimsical? Either way, thanks for reading!


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