Dimsum again? YAY!

Today started off a bit weirdly, I snubbed my big toe in the morning when I was walking down the stairs to go shower XD that was painful.

Then I got a free pair of glasses! LOL
I saw a reddit ad, and decided to see if it was legit, seems that it is and they’re currently having a promotion that your first pair of glasses is on them! I ordered Derek cardigan black fade, the total came out to be $40~ with shipping and handling and I added the scratch resistance + anti lens flare + anti uv rays LOL. I’ll update once I get them! But as far as I know the deal is available both on the US and Canada site:


And then the most fail/ funny thing happened when I opened my coconut milk LOL


I added the text because it seemed to fit!

Okay next the slide show of dimsum, I also got congee + Shu Mai but I decided not to take pictures of them since they’re redundant. I eat it too often.

First the chow mein, the difference between regular chow mein and this, is the fact that its more delicious, HK styled chow meinnnn! I kid, mostly it’s the cooking difference, they use a large wok to cook it, and flip the noodles with a lot of air. Regardless, I love it. Add a little hot sauce and it’s perfect!


Also there was a lot more noodles piled on top but I ate some before taking a picture. XD

Next: some awesome veggies, I didn’t catch the name of it when my grandmother ordered it but you can see it and order it regardless!


Thank you for reading, and I hope you nom soon! 🙂


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