I made empanadas. Thanksgiving, late

So so sorry for my lack of posts, thanksgiving week in the states last week was awesome.

Full of my moms cooking, so I didn’t really post anything. Instead I’ve gathered them all into one post.

And I made empanadas. I feel likeeeeee I can cook for the first time. LOL GOOD LUCK MARK CHEE YOU GET TO TO THEM WHEN YOU COME HOME.

Lawls Neil you can try them too. 🙂

I plan on making green tea cupcakes for you guiseee on Christmas. Prepare yourselves!

Okay so thanksgiving I had fried chicken, rice, mash potatoes and gravey. AND MY FAV VEGES EVERRR. I have no idea what they’re called.




Next is my one of my favorites of all time. Beef curry made by my mum!!! ❤


Scallion pancake from Tea Leaf Cafe. It’s pretty good! It’s a great snack with my bubble tea!


Tho thinking about it their bubble tea is subpar sometimes. Don’t get the yogurt bubble tea. It literally tasted like water. With yogurt flavoring!

Finally the empanadas I made. Delicious. Or maybe I think that way because it took two hours to make LOL either way, enjoy.



Thank you for reading! 🙂


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