Sake,ramen,skiing and Indian!

I’m back and I come bringing a lot o food adventures!

Starting off with an amazing sake tour from the Ontario spring water sake company in the distillery district in Canada!

Though the day I went with a friend unfortunately coincided with a power outage, instead of a full tour we had a great description and story telling of how sake is made by a wonderful employee there!

We tried almost all the different types of sake produced there, instead of the usual 4 tasters we got 6. Probably because we were the only tourers there and plus the power outage. BUT YAY regardless! My favorite was numa-cho!



The side products of sake is of course the rice products. Features above are the DELICIOUS salad dressings made from the rice products. My favorite was the wasabi one. We dipped the rice crackers into the salad dressings to try.

In the end I definitely would suggest going!! Much fun and tipsy happy end story, though I’d like to suggest you eat before the tour because I didn’t. xD

After the tour my friend and I decided to get ramen at Kenzo! TONKATSU FTW!


The day after I went to holiday valley to ski with friends, and we are at tamenbomb? Lodge LOL
Nom nom nom



An then yesterday I finally succumbed to my cravings for Indian food and tried for the first time Kebab and Curry.





Beer and Korean food goodies

So I recently went back to Toronto for christmas(relatives and such) so on Boxing Day I decided to hang out with my friend Kirill.

We decided to meet at the eaton centre ON BOXING DAY. LOL

Yeah not so smooth planning on our parts. LOL

The whole thing was bad planning but we still had tons of fun!

First we went to Ka Chi for lunch we a beer, we chose the 500ml Sapporo as opposed to the 340ml cause we’re hardcore! LOL at 1pm LOL.

JK I also ate really good soon dobu jigae, they actually had a lot of options but in the end I chose the pork and vegetables one LOL ❤



Ka Chi is pretty freaking good Korean food, I would recommend it to anyone really.

Next we went to our fav and only pub Sins and Redemption!!!

We both had two beers,



It is the redish pink drink next to me. DELICIOUS OH NOM NOM NOM

Next I had the somersby cider, a though a very good hard cider I was too love struck by the FRÜLI to truly enjoy it!


Fun fact about Sins is that they seem to have all the cups that go with the brand drink. ^^

Hope you all had a wonder Christmas!

Woohoo sick!

So yeah I haven’t been posting lately because I’m half lazy and half sick!

BEST COMBO EVER!! C-C-COMBO BREAKERRRR!!! I have no idea when that would apply…

Prepare yourself for a semi long decent post!

Redditing lately. ANYWAYS FOOD!!!

Udon update from manpuku! DELICIOUS UDON!!!

I got the beef and ALSO MUST TRY THERE IS THE TAKOYAKI! It’s fresh and not premade! Delicious.



Next, MY FAVORITE PHO IN DOWNTOWN TORONTO!!! Woot, from that pho place in Chinatown on the corner of Grange and Spadina! I have no idea what it’s name is…even I’ve been going there since I was a child. It had always been that ‘pho’ place. LOL

Anyways I always get the delicious 101 special pho…aka EVERYTHANGGGGG!!!



Next is some generic restaurant fare from Applebee’s. LOL STEAK AND POTATOES!


Next is…..FROM PANERA! Duh, French onion soup in a bread bowl! Best for my cold!



Finally lastly, something I made for myself..baesuk! Pear steamed with honey and ginger inside! Quite delicious. Apparently it’s good for your throat, I didn’t really care t was just so gooooodd!


My mum also made some delicious oven baked meat thangg… LOL


Happy holidays everyone! I hope none of you get sick with me!


I made empanadas. Thanksgiving, late

So so sorry for my lack of posts, thanksgiving week in the states last week was awesome.

Full of my moms cooking, so I didn’t really post anything. Instead I’ve gathered them all into one post.

And I made empanadas. I feel likeeeeee I can cook for the first time. LOL GOOD LUCK MARK CHEE YOU GET TO TO THEM WHEN YOU COME HOME.

Lawls Neil you can try them too. 🙂

I plan on making green tea cupcakes for you guiseee on Christmas. Prepare yourselves!

Okay so thanksgiving I had fried chicken, rice, mash potatoes and gravey. AND MY FAV VEGES EVERRR. I have no idea what they’re called.




Next is my one of my favorites of all time. Beef curry made by my mum!!! ❤


Scallion pancake from Tea Leaf Cafe. It’s pretty good! It’s a great snack with my bubble tea!


Tho thinking about it their bubble tea is subpar sometimes. Don’t get the yogurt bubble tea. It literally tasted like water. With yogurt flavoring!

Finally the empanadas I made. Delicious. Or maybe I think that way because it took two hours to make LOL either way, enjoy.



Thank you for reading! 🙂

Ka Chi, bibimbap

YUMMM one of my most favorite Korean dish is bibimbap!

A rice dish in a hot stone pot with assorted vegetables, beef and an egg!

The best part is that in the end you can eat the burnt rice. Nom nom nom.

I had it at Ka Chi, though it was completely crowded at 6 pm on a Sunday it was worth it. Ka Chi was great! 🙂

Try it sometime.






So contrary to my meat eating tendencies I decided for a change to have vegetarian food!

And with good cause really!

My favorite non-Indian vegetarian cuisine would be a Chinese vegetarian place close to my heart.

Buddha’s Vegetarian in downtown Toronto! 🙂

I used to go there after temple almost every time I went to temple. If temple didn’t serve food that is. XD

So I think 3 times a month or something a special dish is made at the restaurant…don’t know what it’s called but in the front of the store usually contains the premade vegetarian food of the day!

So here it is!


And there it is! ^ deliciousness.

I also got the sample package of some of all the usuals.


I bought those both as take out so I’d have a premade dinner… For the rest of the week…! LOL JK


But at the restaurant I bought a noodle dish. And spring rolls!


Mexican! Huzzah!

So during my last day in Utica, NY, Julie and T brought me out to a Mexican place called ‘El Canelo’!

Which I must say, was DELICIOUSSSSS!!!

I had a lunch special named ‘Special number.9’ which contained a beef enchilada, chile relleno and of course the best, RICEEEE!

I don’t know much about Mexican food, due to my lack of true experience of the aforementioned BUT IT WAS GREAT REGARDLESS.

However, I wasn’t a big fan of the chile XD but the enchilada and the rice was GREATTT 😀




Just an average dinner

So this will be another quicky post, so far so good! Two posts in a day…huzzah! I guess!

Well I’m just going to show what an average dinner would look like if you order at a Chinese restaurant. Usually it consists of the soup of the day, then your meat and vegetables (you can order rice on the side, usually $1 per person) and a soup dessert!

But today I ordered a sort of combo, I wanted a quick and small dinner! So I went to ‘People’s Eatery’ and that’s the English name of the store, I’m pretty sure there’s a deeper Chinese name if I could read Chinese. XD

So I had a soup, which consisted of beef chunks, bitter melon (meh) and red bean!

Then I had a rice + beef + black bean sauce as a entre, nom nom nom ❤

Overall it was a decent meal, I mean what else would you expect after all it was only $4.95. 😛