Review – My Beauty Diary Egg White Gommage Peeling Mask

Three words, MY BEAUTY DIARY! I’m pretty excited because this is my first MBD product ever! I’ve heard their masks are amazing, so I’ll be reviewing their wash/scrub mask! It was even featured on “Get it Beauty” which basically features the best of Korean (it’s Taiwanese ) products. P1160830 Since this isn’t really a mask or a peel off facial item the whole process was a bit confusing at first (especially since all the Korean sites would be in Korean), so I’m going to write a clear step by step of how to use this. It’s more of a facial scrub which you would usually use 2-3 times a week, before this I used Suki’s exfoliate foaming cleanser which is really similar to this product except suki’s base is a sugar scrub. So treat it as such. Steps:

  1. Wet face.
  2. Put a small amount onto fingers.
  3. Massage into skin and watch it foam. (optional: leave it on for 20 minutes for extra hydration)
  4. Wash face and feel fresh.

As you massage it into your skin it softens up and it becomes a nice fluffy scrub. It’ll definitely scrub away your dead skin cells and leave your skin hydrated as promised.   P1160881 P1160886 P1160895 So as you can see, I definitely felt fresh after. Smoooooooooooooth and soft skin.

Even G.NA recommends it, for more information on that you can check BNT’s own post on it here.

It’s a nice scrub so I’m going to give it a 8/10.

You can purchase it here for $27 which is about the same price as I usually pay for my facial scrubs here in the US, so if you want to try a pretty good scrub that’s Korean I suggest you trust G.NA- wait and me too a bit. ❤

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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