My skin care routine plus some tips (◕w◕ア

Alrighty so I’m just going to do a mini post on my skin care routine/ my skin care tips because I’ve been recently doing a lot of skin care posts. I figured I might as well show my readers what I do usually on a every day basis (minus the mask, I do that once a week or before a special occasion SUCH AS A DATE IF I HAD ONE.)

  1. Eyes – Lancome Bi-Facial Eye Make up Remover (everyday when I wear mascara)
  2. Makeup – Biore daily deep pore cleansing wipes (extra bonus: FOR DEM PORES, everyday if I wear make up)
  3. Scrub – MBD Egg White Gommage peeling (2-3 time a week)
  4. Mask – Leaders Aquaringer Skin Clinic Mask (once a week)
  5. Serum – iSOi – Bulgarian Rose Blemish Serum (morning and night)
  6. Cream – BRTC Aqua Rush Cream (morning and night)
  7. Diet – EAT HEALTHY FOR BETTER SKIN (every moment of your life)
  8. SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP (try to get 8, I try for 10 hours in the summer #yolo)

I find that for the easiest removal of the toughest make up i.e eyeliner/mascara is easiest with a dual liquid type eye make up remover (meaning that when it’s undisturbed you’ll see two layers of liquids in the container) it removes eye make up gently and without any harshness. The reason why I don’t just use my make up wipe to do my entire face is because it never gets ALL of my eye make up off and the skin around the eyes are more sensitive.

For scrubs and masks, I wouldn’t say they’re absolutely vital to a skin care routine but you know they’re nice to have on the side. Sort of like fries, fries are always nice to have on the side. JK I NEED FRIES. Scrubs/masks are a added bonus, think “treat yo self” and I think it’s pretty much like a spa day in your own home.

Serums are also a treat yo self skin every day kind of thing. So also nice to have but not really a necessity unless you have a skin care problem which is treated by a serum.

Creams are vital. How vital you may ask, well they’re like how much I need ice cream in the summer. Constant cravings. Creams help me fight against my constant random dry patches and let me go through the day/night knowing my skin is kept moisturized!

Though to be real, I’d put an emphasis on the last two mostly, a healthy diet and sleep can do wonders on your skin. I know personally when I’m back in the student grind I lose my shiny egg white like skin because of a diet of apple crisps + fries and like 3-5 hours of sleep.  But you know if you don’t have good skin, you can always fake it with concealer or take extra care of your skin with eye creams, and creams in general. Heavy usage on conceal if necessary.

When I’m really lazy all I need is some concealer under the egg bags and then some brows and my go to “whatever” look is complete. tl;dr eyemake up remover + cream + sleep + food =  awesome skin everything to me seems like a extra bonus Thanks for reading, see you guys again soon! YSL baby doll kiss + blush first impressions soon! ❤


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