Review – Helen Park Jalousian Anti-Wrinkle Cream

  Happy July 4th everyone! MURICA MURICA MURICA! How are you guys spending your Friday? I’ll be in Philadelphia city of freedom/ brotherhood.   helenpark1 Today I’ll be reviewing Helen Park Jalousian Anti wrinkle cream! It comes in a cute circle container and it’s lightly fragranced inside. It has the consistency of a lighter cream so it’s more easily absorbed into the skin. Apparently it’s quite a popular Korean for older women, hence the anti wrinkle cream. But I lack wrinkles at this young age of 20 so I can’t really tell you about its effectiveness on wrinkly skin. But perhaps it can be used to prevent wrinkles too. Who knows?! Even without the anti wrinkle, I find this cream to be a nice cream. It’s really nice and light so it’s perfect for the summer when I don’t feel like putting anything heavy onto my face! helenpark4 helenpark3 helenpark2   Overall I rate this product a 7/10. I wouldn’t necessarily buy it for myself but maybe give it to my mother, which I did after I trialed this product on my face. This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤ Check out the other BNT Girls: Joanne, Kine, Carina, Bella. bntgirls badge


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