BNTgirl x CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Make Up Base

Good evening!

So if you follow my blog, you’ll see that the title of my review today is very similar, and that’s because I’m again reviewing Catalina Geo’s Color Capsule Make Up Base!

But today instead of a green base, that reduces redness, I got a pink base which should make my skin more youthful!

Of course, like always I like to gauge it’s difference in color and texture, as a color difference could also mean a texture difference of the make up base. But nope, this time the base kept the same consistency of the green base I had gotten earlier, which smoothed out nicely once applied.



Once applied the base gives of a soft pale shimmer and makes me sparkle a little bit more than usual. A nice dewy finished!
I tested it all day while I was out, and it made sure my HERA UV mist cushion BB cream stayed on all day!

I was impressed.

It stayed on all day and made sure my face didn’t get too oily or made my make up runny. A true base.

I won’t lie, I liked this one better than the green one I reviewed previously probably because I didn’t have skin redness problems. But this one definitely enhanced my skin.

So overall I found that since the capsule base comes with different colors, the one that works best for you might not be the one that worked best for me.

Overall I rate this one a 8/10.

It’s a very solid primer, but if you’re not in the market for a Korean specific primer, I think the American ones might be easier to get or have the same price range. But it’s still a solid primer for what it is and what it does!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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