BNTgirl x MAXCLINIC Miraclinic Ampoule Dressing/Contouring Object

Honestly, this has been one of the most fun thing to test and review in a while. So I’m going to go straight into it.

Today I’ll be reviewing MAXCLINIC’s Miraclinic Ampoule Dressing/Contouring Object.

Its a double layer face mask, the bottom being a regular face mask and the top, a hardening mask layer.

It comes in a seriously cool package, each set containing 4 masks.

So the cool part about this mask is that it solidifies on your face, sort of like paper mache (all you kids from Canada will know). Or like those instant casts, you can just feel it go from dry paper -> wet paper -> dry paper again.

And it comes out in the shape of your face!

Of course there are benefits to this mask, like every mask. This one advertises a super lifting property, basically firming your skin right up and more!

Sorry about the wall of images about to come. But the images basically sum up my experience. It was fun, it took 35 minutes, and in the end I definitely felt like my jaw line was slimmer and my face felt tight.

First of course, I put on the mask on some clean skin.

The mask was a bit big so I had to fold the nose part up in order to breathe, which was a slight bummer, but nothing really, since I only had to fold the nose part up.

Next was the dry layer.

So the instructions said to press the dry second layer onto the wet layer in order to get the dry layer wet. Once I had thoroughly made sure the mask was set,I then waited 30 minutes and definitely felt the mask harden.

After 30 minutes it was time to take the mask off!

It definitely felt cool to take off a solid mask of your face.

And I think my face definitely looks slimmer and less red.

I definitely feel that I had a positive experience with this mask, although I know some of my other BNTgirl-mates haven’t had the same experience. But the weather, and humidity could definitely affect the ability of the second layer to reharden!

Overall I found this to be a fun, and good mask!

I rating this a 9/10. It showed positive results and it was fun! Just bummed that the set only has 4!

But you can get it here for $12.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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