Hon hon hon hon hon. Sacre-Bleu! Baguettes? C’est comme je vais retourne en France. France, I’ve returned.

Aujourd’hui (today) I’ll be reviewing STYLENANDA’s 3CE LONG WEAR EYE CRAYON in the shade “Baguette”.

I absolutely love eyeshadow sticks, c’est ma amore. They’re easy to use and completely mess and hassle free. Just put as much as you like on and smudge it out with a finger and you’re ready to go. Or use them as a base color and work off that.

The best part was this formula was completely waterproof. Yeah, baby! No smudging, or creasing or shadows gone awry. Compact and travel friendly, shadow sticks are definitely my friends forever. Honestly I was just tempted to give it a 10/10 review based solely on the fact it was a eyeshadow stick.

But you know, the waterproof and iridescent color made it de creme de la creme (da best).

Now the color itself wasn’t a color I would’ve chosen myself (I’m more of a neutral or pearly colored girl myself) but I work with what I got. Still pretty.

Ohh ahh, multiple colors, one shadow very iridescent.

Eye shadow wise, fantastic. No glittery fall out, and didn’t budge. It made the perfect base to my EOTD (eyeshadow of the day). Superb quality 3CE.

For the crease and to highlight the corners of my eyes I used the Naked 2 palette. The center was simply the eyeshadow stick. And tada, look how pretty it is!

Simple everyday look completed easily with one awesome eyeshadow stick. If this review hasn’t convinced you to buy some, I will buy everything regardless.

3CE has consistently made make up of high quality akin to the higher end spectrum of western brands. I know for sure my Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier eyeshadow sticks have some tough competition for my love against the 3CE eyeshadow stick.

So if you’re in the realm of purchasing a eyeshadow stick for everyday usage, go forth and try the 3CE Long Wear Eyeshadow Stick!

10/10. Obviously.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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[FOTD] Mr Mr inspired!

Good morning lovelies!

Lately I’ve been inspired by SNSD’s MV MR MR. I’ve been loving their dewy skin look and on point lips. They make people look at their lips, and they look is so fresh that I have to do it!

So here’s my finished look, if you want to see how I did it continue reading!


Start off with bare skin, MOISTURIZEEE ITTT. Because it’s really dry and winter-y still but I like to pretend it’s spring.


Next I used;

Lancome La Base (primer)

Lancome Teint Miracle in Buff 2

Benefit’s Boi-ing (01)

(***lol it was really sunny)


After my base I did slight contour and blush anddd my brows!

Soft brows using Clinique Brow Powder in Soft brown!

NARS Orgasm/ Laguna for blush/contour


After that I did a slight winged eyeliner and tightlined my eyes.

Mascara – Lancome Hypnose Drama


Finally I finished off with Benefit’s Watts Up! to highlight and give off my dewy skin look. And on my lips I’m using Antwerp from NYX matte lip cream (my spring favorite)!


Beauty Post Ft. The Face Shop

Hello everyone!

Sorry for my realllllyyyyy long break, haha. Today I won’t be talking about food unfortunately and if you were only interested in my food stop reading now or maybe continue if you’re bored!

If you want to see how I turned into this.


So my new hobby lately besides food has been make up, and I recently got some new items from The Face Shop.

I’ll be featuring 3 out of 5 items today.

First The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Design My Eyebrow in shade (05) which is the darkest grey brown as recommended by the store associates. I also got the Lovely ME:EX You & Face Blusher in (09) cinnamon dream, which is their darkest contour color and their Eyelashes (01)? No idea they were the “smallest” looking ones so I thought they’d be more natural.

Naked face:


***disclaimer ugly naked face, lol

Base: Lancome La Base

Face : Lancome Beinfait Teinte BB in shade (01) porcelain.

Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder Make up in Matte Porcelain

Benefit Boi-ing concealer in shade (01)



Face Part Two:  The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Design My Eyebrow in shade (05)

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX You & Face Blusher in (09) – Contour EVERYTHANGGGG!

Lancome Blush Subtil in Tresor



ANDDDD eyes and everything else:

***things I forgot to picture Benefit’s Watts Up! (highlighter on cheeks, nose and brow bone)

Urban Decay- 24/7 glideon eye pencil in demolition (tightline)

Urban Decay- Sin (over the lid and to highlight the tearduct/bottom lashline)

The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX You & Face Blusher in (09) – (crease inside eyelid)

The Face Shop Eyelashes in #1

Stila artful eye collector’s edition vol 1. ( I used the middle color starlight over my lid)




Photo Feb 26, 12 33 46 PM

ANDDD TA DAAAA curled and dried my hair and put on a cute cat ear headband…


P.S I procrastinated wayyyy too long posting this.