BNTgirl x Too cool for school Glossy Blaster Tint favorite kit Review

Starting strong and then saving the best for last is the way to go isn’t it?

Another awesome lip product this month is Too cool for school Glossy Blaster Tint favorite kit! It’s by one of the cutest Korean brands (super cute packaging!) it’s a tint and it’s glossy! It’s a two in one product and lazy make up Doris proof!


I’ll have a video up soon describing how I use it in video, but for now make do with a lot of photos!


Inside the super cute pull out box is three shades No.1 (CHIC RED) No.2(GIDDY ROSE) and No.5 (MERRY TANGERINE).

Guess which one’s my favorite? Of course the orange! I’m a coral lip color type of person myself, and the orange one is the perfect coral-y color on!

Previously with Korean lip tints/gradients it was a multiple step process; concealer + tint + gloss, but now it’s really a one step process, apply + blur with this kit. And I love that it’s so easy, you don’t even need a mirror  with this lip tint!


All I do is apply to the inner part of my upper + lower lip and then blur out the edges with a finger and tada a easy gradient lip! I usually apply it in the car going to school, and since I don’t even need a mirror to apply I can rest my eyes while going to school, it’s that easy!

After application you don’t really have to worry about it (and that’s the best part) as it fades and tints your lips leaving a loving reminder that you did have a lip color on today. Easy touch up if you want, and if you don’t there’s still some color!

Besides the easy gradient lip you can do with the kit, you can also do a full lip color, one full application around your lips and it’s done. The lip tints have high pigmentation and one application is all you really need for a full colored lip!

But blah blah blah, you just want to see the pictures, sorry, without further ado here they are.

No.1 (Chic Red)

No.2 (Giddy Rose)

No.5 (Merry Tangerine)


I’ve truly loved these easy lip tints. Awesome for a lazy on the go student for a cute fresh look. (Can you believe I don’t have any make up on above minus my brows? See the next review for the secret to my flawless complexion, wow very radiant wow) .

I’m giving this a solid 10/10.

And at $25USD for 3 colors, seems like a crazy bargain, you can get here.

Or try the red one here for $15.


This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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