BNTgirl x Too cool for school Glossy Blaster Tint (Dinky Pink)

Feeling some deja vu? I am today while reviewing a product I’ve already reviewed once, ta da.

Today I’ll be reviewing Too cool for school Glossy Blaster Tint in shade Dinky Pink. Good news though, it’s a new color that didn’t come with the kit so it’s still a fun new shade to explore! Check out my previous review here.

Check out my cute manicure.

Like previously I wrote that the blaster tints were super easy to apply and finished off with a lovely stained lips effect so it looks like your lips are perfect all day long. I wore the lip stain all day apple picking and it still gave me a cute tinted lip affect even after gorging on some apples and doughnuts. Onomnomnom. Check out that american sized doughnut. Oh dang. ITS HUGE!

But yeah I put it on at 10am and at 2pm (timestamp when the photo was taken) I still had slightly tinted lips even after tea and lunch and lots more food. Lasts forever and stays cute.

The packaging is still cute. Thought the noticeable difference between the full size tint and the kit was obviously the size. The kits were smaller and condensed and the full sized tint felt more like a lip product that I’m used to.

Other than that, it’s still a 10/10 for me!

You can try it out here for $15. Might be better to buy the set to try them all out! 🙂

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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Aerosol cans, so hot right now. Amiright?

Late spring/early summers make people lazy and since I’m a lazy person this was great for me. SPRAY EVERYTHING! Everything is easier in a sprayable form.

I’ll be reviewing another Too Cool For School item, this time a mask and soap cleanser duo!

Double the lazy for me, you get both a cleaner and healthier face FROM A CAN!

Like usual, Too Cool For School (obviously too cool for me) provides the cutest packaging.

Everything looks like they’re made to be gifts (to yourself, of course) and the cute yellow string just brings it all together.

Moving onto the important bits though, I use the cleanser (soap) and then use the mousse afterwards.

By the way I completely enjoyed using this product, I love love love super love whipped cream from a aerosol can, and this product just just a continuous reminder of it.

The soap can be used as a cleanser or even as a shaving cream apparently (I’ll try maybe later. Also check out how I pumped out wayyyyy too much into my palm.)

The foam from the cleanser is much thicker and heavier than the mousse (which sounds light anyways), akin to a heavy whipped cream. I’ll be comparing everything in this review to a cream. CREAMY!

As a cleanser I’d say it removed my light make up fairly well. I don’t think it can remove stronger make up such as, waterproof mascara or lipstick. But as a everyday thing it does everything and more in a can!

So let’s say you start off the day lazy, bb cream and eyebrows, you can then finish the day lazy with a can! It’s fantastic, the summer heat makes me extremely lazy.

I’m off from university in the summer, and I don’t see my classmates as often, prompting me to be less likely to put on a full face of make up. Ergo, lazier Doris make up!

You can see how much noticeably thicker and harder it is to spread across my face, since it’s a thicker cream. It was almost icing (yummy) thick. Oh my god, I’m getting hungry writing this.

After setting it for a little bit, I washed it off. Feeling refreshed, nothing than cleaning your make up at the end of the day.

Just kidding, a mask at the end of the day is even better.

For the Egg Mousse Pack I used it as a light mask and after spreading it evenly on my face I left it on for 10 minutes.

For the consistency, I’d say the name is quite on point, it’s like a light mousse, or a nice fluffy whipped cream. Nice and fluffy cream.

The mask is suppose to use it’s eggy properties for good, on your face. Brightening and nourishing your face in fluffy and easily accessible can form.

Unlike the soap it spread on the face quite nicely, easily, and evenly. No rough patched here.

During the 10 minute wait before I rinsed it off, the foam quickly turned into bubbles disappearing into the sea foam it was made from.

Looking moisturized.

As a duo product I’d say it was quite easy and fun to use. If you’re looking for a easy summer product to use, I’d say why not.

Packaging is cute and it does what it does. Not bad.

I’d give this a 8/10.

You can get it -> [too coo for school]EGG MOUSSE PACK&SOAP SPECIAL DUO korean beauty

For $22.

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BNTgirl x Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin

Ohhhhh spring’s here and summer’s around the corner, what does that mean?! Contouring/bronzer forever!

Looking for the perfect summer glow/chiseled face can be difficult, I know, and today I’ll be reviewing a Korean Contouring product – Art Class by Rodin by Too Cool For School.


Like always, I have to mention their super cute packaging, they obviously know how to perfect detailing, and it shows in their product.


Now I’ve previously tried and disliked Benefit Hoola, and I currently use NARS Paloma on the daily, just for some background in what I’ve fiddled with. Both super popular contouring kits, and now the TCFS Art Class by Rodin is popular as well, I’ve seen SSIN use it a lot on her youtube channel.

Unlike western faces, I need contouring, or else my cheekbones and nose would be lost to the roundness of my egg shaped face. So I’m quite invested in finding the perfect contouring palette.

Most important thing about contouring is the naturalness, you don’t want to seem really fakely chiseled, or orange. So I was really excited to see that the TCFS kit was a more light contouring kit, so you could build the color up rather than mess up one time and be done with it.


Compared to my NARS kit,  like I said above, it was less pigmented, but still worked well. It looked very natural.

To use the product itself, you can use the darkest color to fill in the hollows of your cheek, then the middle color to blend out. But personally I just swirl my blush/contour brush in the pan and use the three colors together to shade my face.

How do I contour you might ask? Well I’ll upload a brief video later (ft. both my NARS paloma kit and the TCFS Art Class by Rodin), I usually start by finding the hollows of my cheeks and then creating a 3 figure shape on my face afterwards.





Overall I find the TCFS Art Class by Rodin to be a fine contouring kit especially for asian skin tones like myself. I didn’t find the color too bronzing/orange/fake tan ish and was extremely natural. No make up make up, amiright? You want to look flawless without too much effort. I only really used 3-5 products in this look and it was mostly by Too Cool for School.


I would recommend this as a beginner contouring tool as it’s easy to build up in color naturally without looking fake, so it’s cute and easy to use.

I’d rate this a solid 8/10. Easy and practical to use.

As a beginner product I find it a nice product to use and if you’re interested you can buy it herefor $20.
This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x Too cool for school Glossy Blaster Tint favorite kit Review

Starting strong and then saving the best for last is the way to go isn’t it?

Another awesome lip product this month is Too cool for school Glossy Blaster Tint favorite kit! It’s by one of the cutest Korean brands (super cute packaging!) it’s a tint and it’s glossy! It’s a two in one product and lazy make up Doris proof!


I’ll have a video up soon describing how I use it in video, but for now make do with a lot of photos!


Inside the super cute pull out box is three shades No.1 (CHIC RED) No.2(GIDDY ROSE) and No.5 (MERRY TANGERINE).

Guess which one’s my favorite? Of course the orange! I’m a coral lip color type of person myself, and the orange one is the perfect coral-y color on!

Previously with Korean lip tints/gradients it was a multiple step process; concealer + tint + gloss, but now it’s really a one step process, apply + blur with this kit. And I love that it’s so easy, you don’t even need a mirror  with this lip tint!


All I do is apply to the inner part of my upper + lower lip and then blur out the edges with a finger and tada a easy gradient lip! I usually apply it in the car going to school, and since I don’t even need a mirror to apply I can rest my eyes while going to school, it’s that easy!

After application you don’t really have to worry about it (and that’s the best part) as it fades and tints your lips leaving a loving reminder that you did have a lip color on today. Easy touch up if you want, and if you don’t there’s still some color!

Besides the easy gradient lip you can do with the kit, you can also do a full lip color, one full application around your lips and it’s done. The lip tints have high pigmentation and one application is all you really need for a full colored lip!

But blah blah blah, you just want to see the pictures, sorry, without further ado here they are.

No.1 (Chic Red)

No.2 (Giddy Rose)

No.5 (Merry Tangerine)


I’ve truly loved these easy lip tints. Awesome for a lazy on the go student for a cute fresh look. (Can you believe I don’t have any make up on above minus my brows? See the next review for the secret to my flawless complexion, wow very radiant wow) .

I’m giving this a solid 10/10.

And at $25USD for 3 colors, seems like a crazy bargain, you can get here.

Or try the red one here for $15.


This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x Too Cool For School DinoPlatz UFO Multibox #21

Wooo I’m back y’all and lets get down to the biz.

I’m back for the 4th season of BNTgirls after being chosen as the best from last season, can you believe it? I can’t. It has been such a thrilling time for me to be blogging. I hope to do it forever, and ever, even when I’m all wrinkly.

Today I’ll be reviewing a much talked about product, even Lisa Eldridge, included it in her haul when she was in Korea recently!

I even made a youtube review for it!

I’ll be reviewing Too Cool For School’s DinoPlatz UFO Multibox in shade 21!

I constantly experience feeling underdressed (yoga leggings + sweaters are my mantra), and then being invited to go out with friends. I don’t even want to be seen outside. This box helps me look a bit more put together, with a fresh face, anyone can look like they’re ready to take on the world, even me. From 0 to flawless in 3.5 seconds (haha more like 5minutes, but you guys get it right?) I look great in a flash and I don’t even have to put too much effort in it. The dinoplatz is officially my Swiss army knife of make up. A carry all/do all for the bogged down busy bee or lazy bee in all of us.

I love Bb foundation cushions, or really the idea of them, especially since I had bought the Missha Magic Cushion, but I had never actually bought a Bb cushion because I had previously thought I invested too much in western brands for them to be worth it. Boy, was I wrong.

This Bb foundation literally feels alien to me, because it’s so awesome. I’m the self proclaimed queen of lazy and I can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner. I love products that work well and do multiple things to decrease my workload. Too Cool of School’s Dinoplatz Multibox literally does multiple things in a box!

SAM_2466Like the rest of Too Cool For School’s product line, the packaging is adorable. Super cute, very cute.


Shade 21 is the lighter of two shade options, for skin tone/color references I’m about a NC20 and I use shade Gobi (NC20) in the new NARS all day luminous foundation (review soon!). Shade 21 is a bit light on me but I think I can work it especially if I wear it in the winter when I don’t travel to sunny places. But feel free to use shade 23 if you’re a bit darker (NC25)!

It comes with (obviously) a Bb Foundation, (and not so obviously) an, amazing concealer, lip/blush cream, and a porefiller. I could honestly just use the concealer and Bb cushion and be done with it all.


The Bb foundation and concealer are both especially wondrous. Both feature fantastic finish and flawless coverage. The Bb foundation itself has a medium/high/full coverage finish, covers all complexion flaws and finishes it off with the dewy/glow skin that all Asians strive for. As a added plus like all bb foundations it comes with multiple foundations (multiple of a multifunction box! multiception!). It has whitening properties, SPF 50 +++ PA (that’s right, take that sun rays!!!!!) and even anti wrinkle properties. Dew dew dewy skin wow, very glow, wow, much flawless. I feel like I’m Yoona (from SNSD) in a commercial wearing it, my face feels poreless and flawless. Baby skin? Check. Aegyo? Check. Wink? Double check.


The concealer, oh my goodness, the concealer is absolute perfection. I want a huge jar of this on my desk ASAP, where has this been all my life??? Effortlessly blends softly away into the skin and covers my dark, super dark, very dark eye bags (#englife). It feels light and it stays on forever. I want this forever.

The blush/lip cream is quite buildable, it goes in light but you can build it up to a heavier pinkish shade if you feel like. Like all lip/cheek products it works better as only one of the two products, in this case it’s a much better cheek/blush than it is as a lip product, which isn’t bad anyways since it’s always better to have a nice flush to your cheeks.

But the best part is that your face looks great even after wearing it all day, I took multiple photos showing the transition through my 10 hour school day. Even after a quick 30 minute work out session the make up stayed on (I don’t recommend working out with face make up, but sometimes a girl gotta do what she gotta do, you know?).


So if you’ve been searching for the Swiss Army knife of make up in your life, look know further! Invest yourself in a Multibox ASAP!


I’m giving it a 10/10 awesome beauty points.

If you’re interested you can buy it herefor $34 on Amazon.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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