Review: 3 Concept Eyes – I’m good mascara

Hello Lovelies, makeuplol So as promised here is my review for the 3CE I’m good mascara. Prepare yourselves for gifs, much gifs. I had so much fun editing the video that I took some highlighted parts and made gifs, so prepare yourselves for the future.     My overall impressions of the mascara itself is LOVE LOVE LOVE. It doesn’t have a weird perfumed scent (yay!) and it does what it’s advertised to do-kind of. It’s suppose to be a “doll” like mascara but I don’t find myself looking extra dolly-ish after it. HOWEVER I do find I love it’s non smudgy-ness, oil control and waterproof-ness. It’s absolutely wonderful, I’m a pretty active girl because I’ve been trying to lose weight or I’m constantly on the go and I don’t like worrying about my mascara smudging onto the bottom of my eyes making me a panda (like my favorite Benefit I’m real! mascara). I’ve tested it out on various occasions. So here we go let’s start out with my after a 10 mile bike ride: photo (3) No smudging at all even after a light workout! That’s impressive, I usually avoid make up when I’m doing any exercise because I hate it when my eyeliner or mascara would smudge, but with this mascara I don’t even have to worry about it and continue on with my day. Even more impressive is the next photo where I went to LA Fitness and basically went in the hot tub AND sauna for 30 minutes. photo (2) No smudging. At. All. So basically if you’re a active girl or a girl on the go I would definitely recommend this to you. Sorry about my stray eyebrow hairs, trying to grow out my eye brows to reshape them. :> But yea these next photos are basically just a whole day (13 hours) progression of my lashes and how the mascara kept them curled all day long. Sequence 01.Still003 Sequence 01.Still004   So to break it down. Pros:

  • lasts a long time (forever)
  • can exercise with it
  • can withstand water
  • basically a magic mascara for the summer
  • doesn’t smell weird


  • doesn’t really volumize my lashes
  • doesn’t make them dolly?

Overall verdict I give this mascara a 9.5/10.   You can buy this mascara on stylenanda for $22. Thanks for reading! This review was part of my BNTgirls review line. Other BNT Girls: JoanneKine, CarinaBella.   bntgirls badge


Coming soon…3 Concept Eyes Mascara – I’m Good

makeuplolComing soon…3 Concept Eyes Mascara – I’m Good

Like the title says I’ll be a posting a make up review for 3 Concept Eyes – I’m Good Mascara.


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