So contrary to my meat eating tendencies I decided for a change to have vegetarian food!

And with good cause really!

My favorite non-Indian vegetarian cuisine would be a Chinese vegetarian place close to my heart.

Buddha’s Vegetarian in downtown Toronto! 🙂

I used to go there after temple almost every time I went to temple. If temple didn’t serve food that is. XD

So I think 3 times a month or something a special dish is made at the restaurant…don’t know what it’s called but in the front of the store usually contains the premade vegetarian food of the day!

So here it is!


And there it is! ^ deliciousness.

I also got the sample package of some of all the usuals.


I bought those both as take out so I’d have a premade dinner… For the rest of the week…! LOL JK


But at the restaurant I bought a noodle dish. And spring rolls!