BNTgirl x ISILOE Premium Whitening

It beginning to look like a white Christmas.

Oh, not the snow on the ground, I’m in California right now on break, so no snow, I meant my face.

Haha, today I’ll be reviewing ISILOE Premium Whitening Set! It’s a super luxurious set that contains a softener, a cream, and a eye cream (concentrate).


First I’ll review the softener, to begin with I had no idea what a softener was so I googled it. What I learned was that it’s basically a toner, and it removes the dead skin cells on your face. You’ll use it before the cream on your face to make sure the cream can be it tip top absorption rate.


I tested this product by using it as my night routine for about a month. Overall I found that this was a good set to have, I always woke up with radiant skin that was flawless, no dryness or flaky skin that comes with my combination skin in the winter. Just based off that, I think this product is already a solid 9/10.

So let’s review the toner first, I applied it directly to my face with my hands and patted it down. Though if one wanted to be more sanitary you could use a cotton pad, but I’m lazy.  At first I thought the scent was a bit overwhelmingly floral, but the more I used it as my regular routine I found myself to like and enjoy the scent more.



But most importantly the container pump is legit the best. Sometimes I find that products are hard to get out of the container, but with this one, you just need to exert the right amount of force needed for the pump mechanism to work. 10/10 I love a good packaging. Hnngggg.


The cream is really nice as well, it absorbs into the face easily and doesn’t leave my face greasy feeling, just hydrated. the cream lasts basically 24 hours and keeps my face feeling great for a whole day, I didn’t use a day routine because it just went from night to day flawlessly.


It has a much more sensible lighter floral fragrance. and the same great packaging. I’m really in love with the pump, and the lovely hidden gem.


TADA. Isn’t the packaging gorgeous? Honestly, the packaging itself has won me over, we can basically stop this review because I’m in love with it.


The eye cream concentrate for me was okay, I don’t have a favorite eye cream because they tend to feel a bit too thick for me but this was okay, it didn’t wow me but it did its job! Hydrates the skin under my eye well!


Overall I’d rate this product a 9.5/10. Packaging is the best, and if you’re into a pretty but well functioning product go ahead and go wild.

Unfortunately I don’t have a price yet since it’s a new product and I think they’re testing it.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in

it (◕w◕ア

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Oh! Oh! Oh! Oppa sarang hae! Oh! Oh! Oh bubbles hey!

Today I’ll be reviewing  REAL OH BUBBLE THE HAYAN GT-CLEANSER (oh!)  and I’m just thinking of SNSD today!


While we’re on the topic of SNSD we think of them as the flawless beauties they are, and like that Oh! Bubble Cleanser helps with just that!

It tightens the pores, whitens the skin and provides a deep cleanse. I’ve been loving this cleanser because it foams up!!!

Super fun, I love bubbles, bubbles, bubbles they remind of me of bubble baths and relaxation. Most importantly….fun.


Basically once it hits the skin or the outside it’ll oxygenate and expand, making a soft foam-y bubbly layer. But that’s not all, the most fun part is that the foam itself is malleable! Meaning you can now have fun while removing your make up! Foam it up and ball it up, shape it up, and power up!

You can do anything with the foam, make yourself a mask of white, and feel like a power ranger. The world is at the palm of your hand. Or at least until you decide you need to remove your make up actually, haha.

But really what’s the most important part of a make up remover? How effective the remover is. On my hand I have Lancome’s Hypnose Drama Mascara, Lancome Color Design Lipstick in All done up and Stilla’s Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner!

Step 1. Spread the liquid fun on the surface area.

Step 2. Watch it foam/bubble up!

Step 3. Oh! Mix it around.

Step 4. Enjoy your clean skin!

It effectively removes even waterproof make up.

But personally I actually only prefer the cleanser on a lighter make up day without waterproof mascara as I can let it sit on my face and foam up. After that I use a light hand and just massage my face.

As you can see above I went from a beautiful full face of make up, to a clean face.

Still the best part of the cleanser is that it bubbles, much fun.

I personally didn’t see much of the whitening effect but I did much enjoy the pore tightening. My pores have gotten smaller!


Since it was a decent cleanser and it was a lot of fun to use I’ll rate this a 8/10.

However the only downside it seems is that it’s a bit expensive. You can buy it here at Gmarket for $30USD.

Which is $2 more than my Lancome cleanser (that doesn’t foam), so if you’re interested in a foaming/pore tightening/whitening cleanser look no further than oh! oh! oh…gmarket!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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