Prestige BN Gel Mask EX

Masks masks masks, they’re like my shots nowadays, but healthier.

Both go onto my face right? Haha.

Today I’ll be reviewing Prestige BN Gel Mask EX. Ohhh so fancy.


The packaging is cute and luxurious looking, especially the ingredients. Bird’s nest and gold combo again. Au au au (chemical symbol, haha.)

The mask is suppose to leave your skin glowing and nourished, it makes your face its baby.

The mask is made as a gel mask and split into two parts, the top half of your face and the bottom half. I suppose this method insures that the user has a better fitted mask so it does it’s job properly.

The mask has one job and that’s to make your face beautiful!

Let’s try the mask.


Sorry for the potato quality photo, I used my iPhone, which is suppose to be good, but whatever.

As you can see from the photo the mask fit my face really well. It felt nice on and au so luxurious.

Anytime I have a gel mask on my face I feel like it’s much more nicer than a paper mask anyways. Seems like they put more energy into this mask. ENERGIZE MY FACE!

Anyways, I left it on my face for a nice 30 minutes before I went to bed instead of a night cream, and it left my face feeling just as hydrated as a night cream would. But without any greasy residue!


It was a nice mask that was fairly effective in nourishing my face as it’s baby. I’d likely use their services again to help me with my face.

I’d rate this as a solid 8/10 mask. It does what I want it to do and felt nice.

You can get it here for $23.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x Neogen CODE 9 Lemon Green Caviar Essence and Tox Tightening Pack

For my last review for my March box, I’ll be telling you the secret to my flawless radiant skin for the month.

Wow fantastic baby.

I’ll be reviewing Neogen CODE 9 Lemon Green Caviar Essence and Tox Tightening Pack.


Inside the white container had yellow gauze pads on one side and cotton pads on the other side.


After inspecting the contents you surprisingly had to pour the liquid into the gauze/cotton pad combo and then in a even more stranger twist put in the refrigerator for 9 hours before even using it.


I thought it was too complex at first but after trying it for a few weeks I’m a believer.

I usually use it after a shower and toner to make sure my face is completely clean. Then according to instructions, start with the cotton pad side first and then in a sweeping motion go from the inner face to the outer face. It’s really cool and refreshing especially after a shower, it just immediately cools the face and closes the pores.

After that you use the yellow gauze side and sweep again from the inner part of your face outwards.

The combination of the dual sided pad helps absorb and maintain that radiant glow afterwards.

I’ve been truly loving this product everyday, it helps clear my skin and make sure I can go out barefaced without being too worried about my complexion!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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BNTgirl x Too Cool For School DinoPlatz UFO Multibox #21

Wooo I’m back y’all and lets get down to the biz.

I’m back for the 4th season of BNTgirls after being chosen as the best from last season, can you believe it? I can’t. It has been such a thrilling time for me to be blogging. I hope to do it forever, and ever, even when I’m all wrinkly.

Today I’ll be reviewing a much talked about product, even Lisa Eldridge, included it in her haul when she was in Korea recently!

I even made a youtube review for it!

I’ll be reviewing Too Cool For School’s DinoPlatz UFO Multibox in shade 21!

I constantly experience feeling underdressed (yoga leggings + sweaters are my mantra), and then being invited to go out with friends. I don’t even want to be seen outside. This box helps me look a bit more put together, with a fresh face, anyone can look like they’re ready to take on the world, even me. From 0 to flawless in 3.5 seconds (haha more like 5minutes, but you guys get it right?) I look great in a flash and I don’t even have to put too much effort in it. The dinoplatz is officially my Swiss army knife of make up. A carry all/do all for the bogged down busy bee or lazy bee in all of us.

I love Bb foundation cushions, or really the idea of them, especially since I had bought the Missha Magic Cushion, but I had never actually bought a Bb cushion because I had previously thought I invested too much in western brands for them to be worth it. Boy, was I wrong.

This Bb foundation literally feels alien to me, because it’s so awesome. I’m the self proclaimed queen of lazy and I can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner. I love products that work well and do multiple things to decrease my workload. Too Cool of School’s Dinoplatz Multibox literally does multiple things in a box!

SAM_2466Like the rest of Too Cool For School’s product line, the packaging is adorable. Super cute, very cute.


Shade 21 is the lighter of two shade options, for skin tone/color references I’m about a NC20 and I use shade Gobi (NC20) in the new NARS all day luminous foundation (review soon!). Shade 21 is a bit light on me but I think I can work it especially if I wear it in the winter when I don’t travel to sunny places. But feel free to use shade 23 if you’re a bit darker (NC25)!

It comes with (obviously) a Bb Foundation, (and not so obviously) an, amazing concealer, lip/blush cream, and a porefiller. I could honestly just use the concealer and Bb cushion and be done with it all.


The Bb foundation and concealer are both especially wondrous. Both feature fantastic finish and flawless coverage. The Bb foundation itself has a medium/high/full coverage finish, covers all complexion flaws and finishes it off with the dewy/glow skin that all Asians strive for. As a added plus like all bb foundations it comes with multiple foundations (multiple of a multifunction box! multiception!). It has whitening properties, SPF 50 +++ PA (that’s right, take that sun rays!!!!!) and even anti wrinkle properties. Dew dew dewy skin wow, very glow, wow, much flawless. I feel like I’m Yoona (from SNSD) in a commercial wearing it, my face feels poreless and flawless. Baby skin? Check. Aegyo? Check. Wink? Double check.


The concealer, oh my goodness, the concealer is absolute perfection. I want a huge jar of this on my desk ASAP, where has this been all my life??? Effortlessly blends softly away into the skin and covers my dark, super dark, very dark eye bags (#englife). It feels light and it stays on forever. I want this forever.

The blush/lip cream is quite buildable, it goes in light but you can build it up to a heavier pinkish shade if you feel like. Like all lip/cheek products it works better as only one of the two products, in this case it’s a much better cheek/blush than it is as a lip product, which isn’t bad anyways since it’s always better to have a nice flush to your cheeks.

But the best part is that your face looks great even after wearing it all day, I took multiple photos showing the transition through my 10 hour school day. Even after a quick 30 minute work out session the make up stayed on (I don’t recommend working out with face make up, but sometimes a girl gotta do what she gotta do, you know?).


So if you’ve been searching for the Swiss Army knife of make up in your life, look know further! Invest yourself in a Multibox ASAP!


I’m giving it a 10/10 awesome beauty points.

If you’re interested you can buy it herefor $34 on Amazon.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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Oh! Oh! Oh! Oppa sarang hae! Oh! Oh! Oh bubbles hey!

Today I’ll be reviewing  REAL OH BUBBLE THE HAYAN GT-CLEANSER (oh!)  and I’m just thinking of SNSD today!


While we’re on the topic of SNSD we think of them as the flawless beauties they are, and like that Oh! Bubble Cleanser helps with just that!

It tightens the pores, whitens the skin and provides a deep cleanse. I’ve been loving this cleanser because it foams up!!!

Super fun, I love bubbles, bubbles, bubbles they remind of me of bubble baths and relaxation. Most importantly….fun.


Basically once it hits the skin or the outside it’ll oxygenate and expand, making a soft foam-y bubbly layer. But that’s not all, the most fun part is that the foam itself is malleable! Meaning you can now have fun while removing your make up! Foam it up and ball it up, shape it up, and power up!

You can do anything with the foam, make yourself a mask of white, and feel like a power ranger. The world is at the palm of your hand. Or at least until you decide you need to remove your make up actually, haha.

But really what’s the most important part of a make up remover? How effective the remover is. On my hand I have Lancome’s Hypnose Drama Mascara, Lancome Color Design Lipstick in All done up and Stilla’s Smudge Stick Waterproof eyeliner!

Step 1. Spread the liquid fun on the surface area.

Step 2. Watch it foam/bubble up!

Step 3. Oh! Mix it around.

Step 4. Enjoy your clean skin!

It effectively removes even waterproof make up.

But personally I actually only prefer the cleanser on a lighter make up day without waterproof mascara as I can let it sit on my face and foam up. After that I use a light hand and just massage my face.

As you can see above I went from a beautiful full face of make up, to a clean face.

Still the best part of the cleanser is that it bubbles, much fun.

I personally didn’t see much of the whitening effect but I did much enjoy the pore tightening. My pores have gotten smaller!


Since it was a decent cleanser and it was a lot of fun to use I’ll rate this a 8/10.

However the only downside it seems is that it’s a bit expensive. You can buy it here at Gmarket for $30USD.

Which is $2 more than my Lancome cleanser (that doesn’t foam), so if you’re interested in a foaming/pore tightening/whitening cleanser look no further than oh! oh! oh…gmarket!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Interview Make Up Tutorial!


Hello everyone, I’m back! Sorry for the almost two month long hiatus. I swear I’ve been secretly taking pictures and stuff… I’ve just been in a sort of slump/busy school year, gah.

Anyways I’m back by request of a friend to do interview make up! It’s really a no make up make up tutorial but matte, you don’t want to seem dewy/oily for your interviews! You also want a make up regiment that doesn’t take more than 10 minutes. Since you’ll be preparing yourself with materials before the interview to prep yourself. This should optimally take less than 10 minutes.

I know it’s interview season now, so good luck everyone! I’m hoping to do well also…!

It’s a really simple tutorial, that makes you look ready and fresh faced for your interview. Basically it makes you look like you’ve actually had 8 hours and sleep.

Alright so I’m going to also do a written tutorial of how to my interview make up, just in case you’re really busy and you don’t have time to watch a 4 minute video or you want a brief refresh. I’m also going to list my products here! 🙂


1. You start off with a sleep deprived face. So the first step is to prime + moisturize your face, primer + lotion + chapstick if you’d like.

I just used my Burt’s Bees chapstick (my fav) and some face lotion to moisturize (Fresh’s face lotion).


Aww yiss look at my tired naked skin, don’t worry you’ll look fresh and ready after my tutorial!

2. Second step really is to conceal EVERYTHING. Eyebags, pimples, red spots. Everything. You want to seem like you aren’t freaking out about this interview, that you’re ready….So ready in fact you look like you slept like a baby last night, but you didn’t.

I’m using Missha’s Under Eye Concealer, it was a pretty sweet deal at $5. I’m using it today instead of my higher end products because those are pretty time consuming, but I suggest if you do have more time than 5 minutes to do your interview make up, use your higher end ones.


Remember to use only your ring fingers when blending away the concealer under your eyes! We don’t need a early onset of eye wrinkles.

3. Step 3: Is to use a MATTE foundation, really stressing the matte-ness of it. You don’t need to look so fresh and dewy, you’ll eventually look oily. Because let’s be real, when we’re stressed we sweat and produce oils on our face. Best method is preventative. So let’s go with a matte foundation, yes you may not “glow” but at least you won’t be oily.

I’m using Lancome’s Dual-Finish Powder Foundation in Porcelain.

Basically I just buff it into my face using a large powder blush, light but even coverage. Feel free to layer in some more if you need high coverage.


Step 4: I like to add some blush with a light hand, because I’m already pale, I don’t want to seem sickly, so I like to add in a nice flush of color. Choose a really natural shade, I wouldn’t suggest a suggestive blush like NARS orgasm…yeahh…no. Go with something neutral and that looks natural.

I’m using Mood Exposure from the new Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette (review coming soon this week, huzzah). With a light hand I sweep it from the apples of my cheeks to the side of my face.

Interview.Still007Step 5: Is really optional, I wouldn’t suggest heavy contouring but maybe some light “natural” contouring. You don’t want stage make up here, ladies.

I’m using NARS laguna, and I just sweep it under my cheek bones lightly and around my face.


Step 6: Tightlining, What tightlining your eyes really is, is going over the spaces between your lashes with a eyeliner, or in my case gel eyeliner, to make your lashes seem fuller. It’s a super natural technique so it’s very usable for interview make up. I even slightly winged it out from my lash line to make my eyes seem bigger.

I’m using Sephora’s Gel Eyeliner in Brown. Remembering natural no make up make up!

Interview.Still010 Step 7: Is again optional. So If you don’t have time really, skip it. Curling your eyelashes + mascara, shouldn’t be really really important.

I’m using Benefit’s They’re Real! Mascara, remembering you’re not here on a date, but here to make a good first impression for your LIFEEEEEE…..So kind of like a date but more serious, we’re not trying to flirt our way up in life, show your skills…err you know book wise.


Step 9: Is the last step, to use a natural MYLBB (my lips but better) lipstick, or you can stick to your chapstick, whatever floats your boat. I just like to have my lips a even coverage. Completing my look, yeah?

I’m using NYX’s soft matte lip creme in Amsterdam.

And ta da! You’re Finished!

Interview.Still014Finally some tips from me, a asian girl, to help you with your interviews.

A. Don’t wear crazy nail polish (like myself in the video)

B. Be confident about yourself, I’m not talking overconfidence, but you know…confident in yourself, you already got the interview! They’re impressed with paper you, you just have to impress them with you-you.

C. Lastly, don’t panic. Cold sweats meh, keep calm and zen.

D. Good luck everyone!



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Review: Belif Peat Miracle Revital Cream

Bonjour toute le monde (Hello everyone!), I’m here today to review part of the set I got from Belif as a part of my BNTgirl box.

The set comes with a serum and a cream, I’ll be reviewing the cream first!

SAMSUNG CSCThe cream features two natural ingredients; Peat (for which is named after) and Rhodiola Root. Both of which help cell turnover or what I presume to be as to help my new skin cells appear on the surface of your skin. For a more youthful appearance. Wow very fresh skin!

Belif is also proud to be a more natural company as they don’t use a bunch of synthetic compounds.

Such as;

  • No mineral oil
  • no synthetic fragrances
  • no synthetic colors
  • no synthetic preservatives
  • no animal-derived ingredients

First thing you notice is the pretty green pot that holds the cream, second thing is the smell, it smells very earthy-herbal-y. It smells very earthly. Which isn’t a bad thing, it smells very natural unlike all the other floral-y/vanilla scented creams I have.


Texture wise it’s a more solid cream. Meaning that if I try to push my finger down I’ll have resistance against it. Which is cool.

Since most Korean skin creams are all about the more liquidy types of creams Belif’s more solid creams are a nice change.



The cream itself fairs very well against my skin. It spreads evenly and with a cool touch. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling too greasy nor too heavy, making it a great face cream in my book.

After using it I didn’t notice much a difference beside the hydration of my skin being kept up. But that’s probably because I might be younger than the demographic of the cream’s unique skin renewal.

You can find this cream here for $64.49, which makes it a more expensive cream.

I’m giving this product a 7/10 on the Doris scale, it’s a good product but I don’t know if I can justify a $65 face cream for a 20 y/o.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Review: Faith in Face Truly Waterly Cleansing Water

Hello everyone! I’m back again after my 1 month-ish hiatus, I’ve been traveling ( west coast, So Cal to be specific yayay!) Look forward to a brief video on my travels and snipbits of what my cali life was like in future posts.

But for now that I’m back and here to review one of the more awesome-er products that I got in my new BNTbeauty box!


I’ll be reviewing Truly Waterly Cleansing Water by Faith in Face a Korean company that was established in 2009 and focuses on more natural beauty. A brand better known for their amazing facial masks!

Their pink and retro packaging immediately caught my eye because of their similarity to the UK brand, Soap and Glory. But what really impressed me wasn’t their cute packaging but the actual product itself.

It’s a toner AND a make up remover that claimed to even remove waterproof make up. As a lazy girl 50% of the time I love the idea of the 2-in-1 product and I was ready to put it to the test.

In the photos I’m wearing:

  • Stila’s – Stay All Day Waterproof liquid Eyeliner (personal favorite for all day stay with zero smudging)
  • The Balm’s – Nudetude palette for a soft brown smokey eye
  • Benefit’s – They’re Real! Mascara
  • Laura Mercier’s – Caviar Stick in Seashell

So for my test I’m wearing a pretty solid everyday eye look featuring one of the best if not the best waterproof, smudge-proof eyeliners I’ve ever used. Let the testing begin.

Needless to really say, I’m very VERY impressed with this product. SO PLEASED.

The 2-in-1 product removed all my eye make up without smudging, irritation, and without any effort. I’m a convert.

It has a light scent, very faint and is as the bottle says, watery. Perfect refreshing non-greasy after feel.

I used to regularly use Lancome’s Bi-Facil Eye Make Up Remover (4.2oz, $28) because I couldn’t use anything else to get rid of all my more stubborn make up but now Faith in Face’s Truly Waterly Cleansing Water has completely changed my daily cleansing routine.

It has made my routine faster (yay, 2-in-1 products!), and as a bonus, cheaper. Which is nice.


I’m giving this product a 10/10 on the Doris scale.

I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone looking for a new cleanser.

You can find this magical product on Yesstyle for $17.90 (10.14oz).


This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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YSL – baby doll KISS & BLUSH in Orange Fougueux (04)

Alo alo bonjour guys.Welcome back, I’ve been on a bit of a break, LIKE A THIRTEEN DAY BREAK SINCE MY LAST POST OMGGGG.

Yeah, I was a bit pooped out after just doing posts every other day so I decided to take a mini breather. Anywhoo I’m back now and soon, I’ll be doing another youtube tutorial, because I got a new camera to play with. GOTTA TEST THIS BABY OUT.


Today I’ll be excitedly reviewing YSL’s baby doll KISS&BLUSH lip/cheek stain. YAY ORANGE SUMMER COLORS and SUPER YAY TWO IN ONE MAKE UP ITEMS.

As you can see it’s a cute super cute orange shade perfect for summer.


It features a doe tipped brush making it easy to apply overall, as the tip is great for outlining/fine details and the fatter part of the brush it perfect for fast applying.

Unlike some cheek and lip products which are only good for one or the other, I can proudly say I love using this on my cheeks too! Although it took 2-3 tries my first time, I got used to applying the “right” amount giving myself a great cheek glow. I’ll do a quick and easy tutorial soon (on blushes in general)!


Oh baby, that moment when you apply just the right amount of blush and on the right area of the cheek. MY CHEEKS LOOK SUPER CONTOURED WITHOUT CONTOURING YEAAAAA!

MY EYELINER IS SO THIN YEAAAAA! Yeah, sorry guys I’m only this excited because you’re the only ones who will see this, I didn’t go out that day when my make up was almost perfect.


  • beautiful color
  • easy to apply
  • smells good (peachy scent)


  • does not last all day (bummers, but I keep it in my bag!)
  • really easy to apply too much to the cheeks (I suggest using natural lighting, DONT PUT THIS ON IN A DARK ROOM)
  • it’s $40 (but if it makes you feel better it’s a LIP and CHEEK product! *chants * 2-in-1!)

Overall I’d give this product a 9.5/10. I really wanted a orange lip/cheek color this summer and this satisfies me so much. SO MUCH. I’m going to buy a few more shades.

I’ll see you guys soon, thanks for reading. ❤