4 days left…!

4 Days left till I leave for boston! The exciting part of the whole thing is that today I emailed them asking if we had a curfew….AND THEY’RE TREATING US LIKE COLLEGE STUDENTS OMFG WHICH MEANS….!

SOMEONE’S CHASING THE CUPCAKE VAN! And hanging out downtown like it’s nobody’s business!

I’m so excited, so yes I packed dried mangoes today in my luggage hopefully that works as a breakfast food because it was fairly vague about breakfast, so I don’t know if we get any but if we don’t, I’m prepared for two weeks of dried mango breakfast! It’ll be delicious! 🙂

But that was the most interesting thing I did today, besides also pack my jewelry, all that’s left is my panties, my comb, and some clothes I’ve saved for the next few days! I’ll be in boston soon thinking of everyone ❤


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