Dimsum for breakfast, pastries for lunch!

So today was a foodilicious day, and by that I mean I ate out a lot and had a bunch of noms!

It was kind of weird since I started out the morning with dimsum, but I mean hey it’s Sunday, so brunch right???

I went to Dragon city dimsum! Which is the top floor of Dragon city centre!

Dimsum is a type of meal that consists of a bunch of mini dishes, sort of like appetizers as a meal! But I didn’t eat much since I’m not a heavy water in the morning LOL

I had congee and chicken feet. I LOVE THE CHICKEN FEET JUDGE ME!!!! <;3 Yeah as I was saying it's not for everyone by I love it regardless!

Congee is basically boiled rice with water till its turned into a gruel, delicious! Well it is…if you have added condiments to it! I had mine with duck egg and green onions…nom nom nom!

For dessert I had a nice soft tofu thing, yeah it's dessert because ITS SWEETENED OH NOM NOMS!!!




But wait there’s more!

I also went to a pastry shop for lunch! LOL really not much to say besides describing the pastries! ALSO I GOT FREE GREEN TEA WALKING THERE HUZZAH CITY LIFE! Also the pastry shop is called ‘Furama’! 🙂


Top left, an apple raisin pastry!
Top right (kinda) a red bean pastry!
Bottom, a sponge cake!




Oh yeah my free green tea drink! 🙂


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