Dimsum again? YAY!

Today started off a bit weirdly, I snubbed my big toe in the morning when I was walking down the stairs to go shower XD that was painful.

Then I got a free pair of glasses! LOL
I saw a reddit ad, and decided to see if it was legit, seems that it is and they’re currently having a promotion that your first pair of glasses is on them! I ordered Derek cardigan black fade, the total came out to be $40~ with shipping and handling and I added the scratch resistance + anti lens flare + anti uv rays LOL. I’ll update once I get them! But as far as I know the deal is available both on the US and Canada site:


And then the most fail/ funny thing happened when I opened my coconut milk LOL


I added the text because it seemed to fit!

Okay next the slide show of dimsum, I also got congee + Shu Mai but I decided not to take pictures of them since they’re redundant. I eat it too often.

First the chow mein, the difference between regular chow mein and this, is the fact that its more delicious, HK styled chow meinnnn! I kid, mostly it’s the cooking difference, they use a large wok to cook it, and flip the noodles with a lot of air. Regardless, I love it. Add a little hot sauce and it’s perfect!


Also there was a lot more noodles piled on top but I ate some before taking a picture. XD

Next: some awesome veggies, I didn’t catch the name of it when my grandmother ordered it but you can see it and order it regardless!


Thank you for reading, and I hope you nom soon! 🙂

Just a little dimsum

Another quicky post: dimsum for lunch!

So I ate lunch with some relatives at Dragon city centre’s dimsum place, but I arrived late so sorry for the lack of dimsum!

Though, the highlight topic among the Middle Aged relatives would be karaoke night LOL they have 60 people so far going. Karaoke for Asians is like no other group activity ever seen. I’m happy I’m not invited xD

I had the normal hah-gow(?) and Shu Mai. And something…. LOL it was all delicious ^_^



Dimsum for breakfast, pastries for lunch!

So today was a foodilicious day, and by that I mean I ate out a lot and had a bunch of noms!

It was kind of weird since I started out the morning with dimsum, but I mean hey it’s Sunday, so brunch right???

I went to Dragon city dimsum! Which is the top floor of Dragon city centre!

Dimsum is a type of meal that consists of a bunch of mini dishes, sort of like appetizers as a meal! But I didn’t eat much since I’m not a heavy water in the morning LOL

I had congee and chicken feet. I LOVE THE CHICKEN FEET JUDGE ME!!!! <;3 Yeah as I was saying it's not for everyone by I love it regardless!

Congee is basically boiled rice with water till its turned into a gruel, delicious! Well it is…if you have added condiments to it! I had mine with duck egg and green onions…nom nom nom!

For dessert I had a nice soft tofu thing, yeah it's dessert because ITS SWEETENED OH NOM NOMS!!!




But wait there’s more!

I also went to a pastry shop for lunch! LOL really not much to say besides describing the pastries! ALSO I GOT FREE GREEN TEA WALKING THERE HUZZAH CITY LIFE! Also the pastry shop is called ‘Furama’! 🙂


Top left, an apple raisin pastry!
Top right (kinda) a red bean pastry!
Bottom, a sponge cake!




Oh yeah my free green tea drink! 🙂