BNTgirls x Leaders “AQUA DRESSING” mask Review

Hello my beautiful readers!

*edit* OMG it’s my 100th post! ೕ(Ò⺫ Ó )೨

I’m starting a new section of my blog called Ice Cream Time reviews, all videos that show that will basically mean I got the reviewed items free from BNTnews international but like all my other blogs they will be 100% my POV (point of view).


Okay, so let’s start.

I’m going to review Leader’s AQUA DRESSING MASK.

It’s supposed to help with;

  • dry skin
  • deadskin cells
  • rough skin
  • sensitive skin



So yeah that’s just what I looked like with the mask on. Huehuehuehuehue…

So I’m just going to go ahead and say it smells weird, like really weird, not a truly bad or good weird…just weird my nose just adjusted to it’s weird scent after a while so I didn’t notice the smell as much later on. But….It was truly weird. Other than that the mask was fantastic it gave me a nice glowly-dewy skin afterwards….TADA (pics below)


And the day after I ate at a restaurant named “Corks Restaurant” at Niagara-On-The-Lake. Basically wine country and my face looked radiant all day and I only had bb cream on my face, no concealer or foundation! (✿◠‿◠)



So overall I think the weird scented mask was well worth the 20-25 minutes it was on my face because it made my skin look soooooooooooo dewyyyyyyy I should’ve taken more selfies that day. But I can’t wait to review all the masks that were given to me! I’m sure it helped with my dry skin, but since I don’t have rough skin and I’ve been using My Beauty Diary Egg White Gommage Face Mask (review soon) I don’t have much dead skin cells. So overall I’d rate this a 8/10 only because of the weird scent. But I loved the gummy texture of the face mask itself and the fact that it made my skin look oh so wonderful.


Solid 8/10 for this mask for me.


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