BNTgirl x LEADERS MEDIU Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream

Head, shoulder, knees and toes. All these place have to be moisturized too!

I bet some of you forgot not just the skin on your face eventually ages as well. So keeping your entire body moisturized is just as important as your face!

Today I’ll be reviewing Leaders MEDIU Moisture Therapy Body Oil Cream, to help you with that.

Body + oil + cream = happy body. The perfect recipe for a healthy body.


Now some of you may wonder what I wondered at first, why a body oil vs a body cream. What really is the difference?

Two words, absorption rate. I found that I actually preferred the body oil, from Leaders, rather than my shea butter body cream from BBW because it absorbed into my body so much better. I rubbed it into my body, and then poof, the oil was into my body. No residue, no unpleasant feelings afterwards just clean absorption.


The oil was very much like a gel, and liquidized quickly as I rubbed into my body. The gel itself contains amino acid complex, herb complex and tiny tiny vitamin capsules which are cute mini gold spheres. The spheres just sort of pop as you rub the oil into your skin and combine with the gel/oil itself.

As you can see as soon as it absorbs into my dry spot (my elbow specifically) you can’t even see a glimpse that oil was rubbed on, the spot just looks magically healthier/moisturized. Poof. Skin hydrated.

Better yet, it smells like a clean citrus scent, not like lysol (home cleaner), but more like lemon zest on a lemon meringue.

Really the body oil is the perfect thing to apply after a shower and right before you put on clothes, or even with clothes on, because the oil absorbs into your skin immediately. You won’t have to worry about stains or smudges onto your clothing while applying it.

It’s a great product to have, especially in the dry winter where it seems like every single part of my body is dry. After using it for two weeks I feel like my body is healthier, and I think I’m even slightly in love with the body oil.

Really a perfect all round product for the body during any season, wearing any type of clothes. Hassle free, smells great, and is in a easy to use container.

What else could a girl like me really ask for.

I’m giving this a 9.8/10. Almost perfect, it’d be even more perfect if I could find a retailer online that sells it. If anyone knows how I can get this in the USA I’d be much obliged.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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Travel Friendly Review: LEADERS MEDIU AC-Free Spot Patch

As you guys know, I went for a mini Vacation to LA, and flying sometimes gives me stress. Stress gives me pimples. With vacation no one wants pimples in their photos.

Alright I do admit eating out everyday while I was there was probably not the best for my skin.

So this product, that came in my beautybox by BNTnews, a day before I left was perfect and travel friendly. Most of the items, as you can see from my reviews, were larger and liquids, not travel friendly at all. So this was perfect to bring and try out while on vacation.


Did I mention it fit in my smallest bag? (ft. above in my smallest Kate Spade bag). It’s literally the best size for carrying out just in case problem spots appear. It fit in all my bags, and there was always space for it.

Second best part besides being travel friendly? It worked.

Only bummers is that the patch is recommended to stay on for 8-12 hours, which is a larger part of the day. But since I’ve been mostly using it during the night it doesn’t really matter.


The patch contains salicylic acid and teatree oil, whose properties are wildly claimed to help calm and reduce pimples greatly. The patch is recommended for oily/combination skin. Yes it works on my combination skin. Yay.

Third greatest thing about the patch itself? It’s so thin and clear. People can only really notice it if the light reflects off it’s small surface of it they’re really close to your face.

SAMSUNG CSCPretty thin, they’re like clear stickers for your face problems.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my before and afters because I didn’t think to take any as I was testing out the first few. After that I didn’t have any pimples. I’ve been pimple free for 3 weeks now. So I can’t do a show and tell.

But at $5  here for something similar (same brand different-ish product.) There’s no harm in trying right?

I’d recommend people who have similar skin, blemish free most of the time with one annoying pimple to try it out. Because it looks silly with more than two on, I’ve tried.

I’m giving this problem a 9/10 on the Doris magic scale.

I’ve been liking everything in my BNTnews beautybox so far. Loving this.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Review – Leaders Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask

Hello again guys! I’m back and I’m reviewing the best for last. My favorite mask I got out of the bunch from BntNews as a BNTgirl. I got four masks by Leaders and this by far was my favorite. Simply because it smelled great and still delivered the same quality of mask that I wanted. vitabright1 leadersbright2 It promised to brighten the skin and even skin tone. Bonus: it smells like peaches and awesomeness. I’m basically a peach fanatic anything peach and I’ll basically love it. It gave me dewy skin that made my outing with my friends in Toronto picture perfect because my skin looked radiant all day.   leadersbright3 Tl;dr 10/10 I will be repurchasing this. I love this. This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤ Check out the other BNT Girls: Joanne, Kine, Carina, Bella. bntgirls badge

Review – LEADERS Aquaringer skin clinic mask

Bonjour! Comment ça va guyz (how are you doing?) I’m back today with another awesome mask from leaders! And after all the HQ masks I quite like this one since the smell is much lessened and this one and it immediately calmed my red zones (and my one pimple) and made my skin all beautiful and stuff in only 20 minutes! P1160905   So on the label it says the mask effect is to “intensively hydrate dry skin leaving bright and youthful skin.” And boy does it. maskgif So so so pleased with this mask. That satisfying peeling sensation. P1160925 P1160932   As you can see my skin looks pretty great, my pimple was much more red before, yes that pimple on my forehead. While it’s still there it’s not as noticeable so yay! So if you’re into the dewy fresh skin, give this a try!

I give this mask my full blessing a 10/10. I would definitely recommend this to all my friends (IF I HAD ANY NEAR ME).

Anyways you can buy this here for $5 for 2 masks or here for $23 for a box (10 masks). So it’s about $2.3/mask which is a pretty great value as I usually buy masks for around the same price without the same effects.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Review – Leader’s Bio-Medi-curing Wrinkle Dressing Mask

Hello pretty gals/guys, I’m back again, and with another mask review! Last time I reviewed a mask of the same brand/line and this time I’m reviewing their “Wrinkle Dressing” version, which I assumed would help with my fine lines/future wrinkles. On the packaging it says it helps with;

  •  wrinkles
  • dry skin
  • elasticity decline
  • nutrient lack (or therefore lack of?)

DSC_01112DSC_0113So like it’s predecessor it has that same weird smell that I again adjusted to eventually as I put on the mask for 25 minutes. But other than the weird smell I have no real problems with the mask. It’s the same consistent gel like material which makes me believe it’s a higher end mask, and that’s nice. DSC_0116   Ta-da! After 25 minutes I think my face looks more radiant/dewy! So that’s nice, although I don’t see much of a visual difference with the wrinkles/nutrients I do feel that my skin was more moisturized/bouncy (elasticity?!)! Solid 2/4 effects felt.

I really like how the mask makes my skin look so fresh but compared to the one before it, the other one made my skin much more dazzling. So the “wrinkle dressing” mask I give it a 6.8/10.

You can buy it here for $4.49

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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BNTgirls x Leaders “AQUA DRESSING” mask Review

Hello my beautiful readers!

*edit* OMG it’s my 100th post! ೕ(Ò⺫ Ó )೨

I’m starting a new section of my blog called Ice Cream Time reviews, all videos that show that will basically mean I got the reviewed items free from BNTnews international but like all my other blogs they will be 100% my POV (point of view).


Okay, so let’s start.

I’m going to review Leader’s AQUA DRESSING MASK.

It’s supposed to help with;

  • dry skin
  • deadskin cells
  • rough skin
  • sensitive skin



So yeah that’s just what I looked like with the mask on. Huehuehuehuehue…

So I’m just going to go ahead and say it smells weird, like really weird, not a truly bad or good weird…just weird my nose just adjusted to it’s weird scent after a while so I didn’t notice the smell as much later on. But….It was truly weird. Other than that the mask was fantastic it gave me a nice glowly-dewy skin afterwards….TADA (pics below)


And the day after I ate at a restaurant named “Corks Restaurant” at Niagara-On-The-Lake. Basically wine country and my face looked radiant all day and I only had bb cream on my face, no concealer or foundation! (✿◠‿◠)



So overall I think the weird scented mask was well worth the 20-25 minutes it was on my face because it made my skin look soooooooooooo dewyyyyyyy I should’ve taken more selfies that day. But I can’t wait to review all the masks that were given to me! I’m sure it helped with my dry skin, but since I don’t have rough skin and I’ve been using My Beauty Diary Egg White Gommage Face Mask (review soon) I don’t have much dead skin cells. So overall I’d rate this a 8/10 only because of the weird scent. But I loved the gummy texture of the face mask itself and the fact that it made my skin look oh so wonderful.


Solid 8/10 for this mask for me.


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