BNTgirl x KONAD Classic Jeans Nail Polish

Bonjour tout le monde! (Hello everyone!)

I’m back again with another Konad product, today I’ll be reviewing their Classic Jeans Nail Polish in shades Midnight Blue Jeans and Turkey Blue Jeans(yum turkeys, I want a sandwich now).


I was excited about the two colors that I got because my favorite color is actually blue, so I was pretty excited about two blue shades. A sexy dark blue and a more spring-y blue shade. Wow very hip, much trendy.

It’s funny because I’m very a very anti-pants person, most of my closet are yoga leggings and dresses. But I found this to be a fun nail polish regardless.

When I first saw them I was pretty confused because they were described as a jean like nail product but on the outside it looked glittery. I found out later it dries out in a cool matte and textured polish. Quite a fun transformation.


To my surprise the nail polish themselves are quite opaque, and only needed one coat for a full polish look, so it was a really easy DIY. Bonus –  they look good.

Note to all people applying nail polish on top of wood surfaces; use a paper inbetween, nail polish remover will ruin the veneer of the wood.


On my hand I have midnight blue on all fingers except my ring finger for which I used the turkey blue as a accent color.


It’s easy to apply, it lasts quite a long while, and it looks cool.

So if you’re looking for a trendy easy nail polish (and you’re sick of OPI/Essie) free feel to try a Korean Nail polish brand – Konad!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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4 thoughts on “BNTgirl x KONAD Classic Jeans Nail Polish

  1. That’s pretty cool. How easy is it to remove? Glittery nail polish is a pain to remove. Is this the same? Just wondering.
    Also I had a roommate who let me borrow her leather nail polish a couple times. It’s really something to check out!


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