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I’m back again with another Konad product, today I’ll be reviewing their Classic Jeans Nail Polish in shades Midnight Blue Jeans and Turkey Blue Jeans(yum turkeys, I want a sandwich now).


I was excited about the two colors that I got because my favorite color is actually blue, so I was pretty excited about two blue shades. A sexy dark blue and a more spring-y blue shade. Wow very hip, much trendy.

It’s funny because I’m very a very anti-pants person, most of my closet are yoga leggings and dresses. But I found this to be a fun nail polish regardless.

When I first saw them I was pretty confused because they were described as a jean like nail product but on the outside it looked glittery. I found out later it dries out in a cool matte and textured polish. Quite a fun transformation.


To my surprise the nail polish themselves are quite opaque, and only needed one coat for a full polish look, so it was a really easy DIY. Bonus –  they look good.

Note to all people applying nail polish on top of wood surfaces; use a paper inbetween, nail polish remover will ruin the veneer of the wood.


On my hand I have midnight blue on all fingers except my ring finger for which I used the turkey blue as a accent color.


It’s easy to apply, it lasts quite a long while, and it looks cool.

So if you’re looking for a trendy easy nail polish (and you’re sick of OPI/Essie) free feel to try a Korean Nail polish brand – Konad!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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Holika Holika Face Mask Review; Green Tea, Rosy Peach, Lavender, and Lemon Tea!

My tl;dr is Lemon Tea is the best face ever and you should get it but feel free to read along to see how I felt about the other masks.

This post took me foreverrrrr to post because I don’t often use face masks/I don’t have the time to as I prefer to netflix it away when I’m at home trying to relax anyways. 



Bam! As you can see I don’t know really whats up after my lemon tea mask but it made my skin GLOW! I felt fantastic -baby. 😉

Counting down from which I found best.


Last place – Green Tea-

Overall a bit of disappointment, compared to the others I didn’t see a visual difference but maybe it’s not what outside that counts….Or not? Who knows I didn’t find that this mask really did any except hydrate my skin really, but skin is only skin deep ( hah. hah. ) But according to the website (I’ll put a picture at the bottom so you don’t have to check it online) it’s only suppose to be moisturizing. So if you into that you can get it. But I wouldn’t pay $2 for it, as I have a lot of face lotions.


 Number 3 is Rosy Peach Tea-

What it’s suppose to do is Skin Clarifying… Not really sure what that means, maybe overall toning of the face, evening out skin tones? But it was nice and I liked the smell….peachy 🙂 It was fantastic nor was it a total bummer so it has a solid #3 slot.


Number 2 is the Lavender – 

Supposedly suppose to “Skin Soothing” which I would translate as helping reduce redness overall in the face, but I can’t tell if my cheeks are a naturally a bit red and this helped a bit, but I think it made my skin look glowy so I gave it second place. 




Number 1 – LEMON TEA! –

Not only is lemon tea my favorite because of the awesome dewy/glowy skin it gave me, but because I loved the scent. But I just love the scent of lemons overall. It’s suppose to give you “Transparent Skin” and I guess it does! Well worth the $2 I paid for it because….I felt like a dewy goddess or something after it. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. And I’d recommend it 10/10.






Anyways as promised here’s the website.


Not sponsored in anyway for this post ❤ 

Also BTW I’ve been chosen to be part of the 3rd Batch of BNTgirls! So expect a lot of reviews soon and more than likely video reviews showing the products given to me! 🙂 Expect a lot in the next few months! 

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