BNTgirl x Too Cool for School Art Class by Rodin

Ohhhhh spring’s here and summer’s around the corner, what does that mean?! Contouring/bronzer forever!

Looking for the perfect summer glow/chiseled face can be difficult, I know, and today I’ll be reviewing a Korean Contouring product – Art Class by Rodin by Too Cool For School.


Like always, I have to mention their super cute packaging, they obviously know how to perfect detailing, and it shows in their product.


Now I’ve previously tried and disliked Benefit Hoola, and I currently use NARS Paloma on the daily, just for some background in what I’ve fiddled with. Both super popular contouring kits, and now the TCFS Art Class by Rodin is popular as well, I’ve seen SSIN use it a lot on her youtube channel.

Unlike western faces, I need contouring, or else my cheekbones and nose would be lost to the roundness of my egg shaped face. So I’m quite invested in finding the perfect contouring palette.

Most important thing about contouring is the naturalness, you don’t want to seem really fakely chiseled, or orange. So I was really excited to see that the TCFS kit was a more light contouring kit, so you could build the color up rather than mess up one time and be done with it.


Compared to my NARS kit,  like I said above, it was less pigmented, but still worked well. It looked very natural.

To use the product itself, you can use the darkest color to fill in the hollows of your cheek, then the middle color to blend out. But personally I just swirl my blush/contour brush in the pan and use the three colors together to shade my face.

How do I contour you might ask? Well I’ll upload a brief video later (ft. both my NARS paloma kit and the TCFS Art Class by Rodin), I usually start by finding the hollows of my cheeks and then creating a 3 figure shape on my face afterwards.





Overall I find the TCFS Art Class by Rodin to be a fine contouring kit especially for asian skin tones like myself. I didn’t find the color too bronzing/orange/fake tan ish and was extremely natural. No make up make up, amiright? You want to look flawless without too much effort. I only really used 3-5 products in this look and it was mostly by Too Cool for School.


I would recommend this as a beginner contouring tool as it’s easy to build up in color naturally without looking fake, so it’s cute and easy to use.

I’d rate this a solid 8/10. Easy and practical to use.

As a beginner product I find it a nice product to use and if you’re interested you can buy it herefor $20.
This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it (◕w◕ア

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