BNTgirl x Faith in Face HAND BUTTER in Cherry Scoop

Butterlicious, definition make them girls go loco.

They want some soft hands so they put some on their (?) hands?!!



Ello mates, I’m back again today with another skincare product from familiar brand, Faith in Face, I previous reviewed and absolutely fell in love with their cleanser/toner. You can read more about it here.

It seems like Faith in Face is definitely one of those brands that focus on cute packaging, aimed at young women, and teens.The cute pink packaging is some serious eye candy and can make any girl smile. The bright happy pink packaging is quite eye catching and I’ve been asked a few times already where I got it!

I usually keep a hand cream in my bag, whether it be my school bag or my handbag, I pride myself on my soft supple hands. Them boys, like my soft hands, they like to hold my hand. Plus I like soft skin in general. What’s great about this hand butter is that it’s pretty compact like my Tocca hand creams and Bath and Body works hand creams, so they slip in and out of different bags easily.

The Hand Butter itself is made with 20% shea butter which is widely known to hydrate skin and hair. Hydratelicious.

Like the packaging says the scent is “cherry scoop” but it’s not the cherry fruit scent you’d assume it’d be, it’s more like the cherry blossom scent (from the flowering tree). The scent is quite pleasant, it’s not overwhelming and it smells slightly sweet and fresh.

As a hand butter, the cream itself is really nice and hydrating. I’ve been using it for 2.5 weeks now and my hands are as supple if not better than they were previously using my Tocca handcream.

Unfortunately even with it’s super pretty packaging, the packaging itself has a few downsides. I might have gotten a faulty product, but for my sample at least, it was a bit hard to open as the ridges in the cap would cut into my skin so I had to open it with a piece of my sweater usually. It would also be quite hard to squeeze some onto my hand, so it’s either the cold weather freezing my hand butter, or they need a softer packaging.

Other than that though, it is a fantastic hand cream, and I’ll be continuously using it until I run out! Soft, supple hands, baby.


I’m giving this a 8.5/10. I really love the hand cream, but it’s kind of hard to open and use.

I couldn’t find it online currently, but when/if I do I’ll post a link here!

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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Bonjour, alo! I’m back!!! And today I’ll be reviewing my actual cream favorite from my BNT box of goodies; BRTC AQUA RUSH CREAM! (yayay) WP_20140627_008   Sorry for the relatively poor quality photo (I’m testing out the lumia 920 I got from windows, yay). The cream is suppose to be a part of a line of skin care products of it’s name/brand. BRTC’s more popular product from the series is it’s BB cream and understandably why (hint: it’s cream is amazing itself)! Screenshot 2014-06-28 23.01.02 So I was pretty excited when I first saw this, it’s a solid glass container and it feels like quality stuff, not any of that plastic bs. It has a light perfumed cream scent (akin to any face moisturizer, think olay or sauve) anddddd a incredibly soothing texture. It’s a moisture cream that works AMAZINGLY against my combination skin. I HAD some dry patches of skin and this just worked some voodoo magic on my skin because after 2 days my dry skin was no more! Unfortunately I still have to worry about my oily skin. But since it’s summer, my skin has been both oily (from the sweat and stuff) and dry because of the AC. I apply it every morning and night, in the morning I apply it before my BB cream/normal everyday make up. At night I apply it after washing my face and right before bed. MOISTURIZEEEEEE! P1160844 P1160848 I’ll give this product a 9.5/10. I’ll be using this religiously till it runs out and then I’ll have to start pondering about purchasing it! But it’s quite a expensive cream you can purchase it here for $35 CAD or here for $45 USD This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤ Check out the other BNT Girls: JoanneKineCarinaBella. bntgirls badge  

Review – iSOi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Serum

Hello again guys,

Well that was quick! I’m back again— for another review! I’ll hopefully post a make up tutorial soon!P1160701

Today I’ll be reviewing iSOi’s (I’m SO intelligent) Bulgarian Rose Blemish Serum!


According to the website :



It seems like quite a luxury product at first glance, it has a study clearish pink glass container with a pump no less! And at a retail price of $50 on ebay and other Korean website sellers it seems like quite a higher end serum. But according to it’s website it’s iSOi’s best selling product with over half a million sold! I think that’s quite impressive especially since it’s a bit more costly.

Now how I feel about it, it has a nice pleasant smell (think roses and a bouquet of flowers but softer and more subtle) it has a great cooling sensation on the skin. And I think it actually may work! I’ve been applying it almost every other day for about a month, and especially on my problem areas (such as any pimples or red areas or places with pores). And I’ve been noticing my pimples disappearing more quickly and a more even skin tone (super yay!).

Sequence 03.Still003


I just pump a little bit and spread it evenly on my face, and then a cream afterwards! And that’s basically my night skin routine. Plain and simple.


Now how I feel about it. I actually fairly like this product, but like it enough to spend $50 on it? Ehh, maybe.

I’ll give this product a solid 8/10.

This product was given to me to review as a BNTgirl but has a 100% my thoughts in it ❤

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At the airport

So I’m early 40 minutes before my plane leaves because I completely forgot the buffalo international airport is really just a small airport with 26 gates… Unlike the bigger airports I’ve been to (Newark, LAX, or logan!) so I figured right now would r an awesome time to blog! Because I have like 5 readers!! But I love each and every one of you except stas right now! Because he has been AWOL for two whole days! I don’t feel the love! But yes I love going to the airport and checking in!! I got a seat in the second row!!! I have no idea if thats good or bad I don’t remember anymore but it makes me feel like an important person!
Anyways I’ll just leave you guys a photo of me in the airport!